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Animal Crossing Costumes For Halloween

Looking for some cute Halloween cosplay ideas as you head on over to your next nook stop? Here is a round-up of my favorite Animal Crossing Costumes because you KNOW I’m going as Tom Nook this year! How could I NOT? This Nintendo game is the only thing that got me through quarantine and I know other New Horizons players feel the same way.

Animal Crossing Costumes

So, whether you’re heading to the Able Sisters’ Shop dressed up as one of your favorite characters, or just want to throw on some face paint and purple hair, this is the round-up for you. We’ve already talked about some great Animal Crossing tips and Animal Crossing gift ideas! So, it makes complete sense that I would want to try to break down some fun ACNH costume suggestions. I am OBSESSED with these iconic characters for October 31st. Let’s do some Nook Shopping!

Animal Crossing Costumes For Halloween

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Unisex Animal Nook Tom Shirt Cosplay Costume

This is actually IT for me. I mean… nothing says ACNH more than a Tom Nook t-shirt, right? OMG. I cannot. Get this Unisex Animal Nook Tom Shirt Cosplay Costume for under $25 on Amazon and wear it to your next Halloween event. Then when the party is over, head on over to resident services and clock in for work. Yes, this clothing item is versatile.

tom nook costume

You need to also look like an animal though. Etsy has you covered for that! Get this “Ears, Tail, Wrist, Cuffs, and Boot” Cover combo today.

isabelle green cosplay acnh

Onto Isabelle! She is always so happy. I just cannot relate to her but I need people like her in my life. This perky office clerk doesn’t change her outfit too often, but when she does… she is just so ADORABLE! Here is a great take on her green. Want to replicate? This is the perfect shirt for you!


Of course, if you want to keep things really simple while out with friends you could just go as Mabel. She just wears a checked green apron. Snag one just about anywhere! Or you could grab this one I found on Amazon for under $10!

dodo airlines

Ready to tell people to get lost? I mean… to have a nice journey? This outfit is super easy to recreate! Kick things off with a pair of blue pants. Then all you need is a white tee-shirt, a red tie, a DAL mug, and oversized headphones! BOOM!!

daisy mae costume 1

I found the most incredible Daisy Mae costume all done and ready to roll. It’s a bit expensive and you still have to figure out the turnips and the hat – but check this out! Start licking doorknobs now to have an authentic runny nose.


Lastly, if you want to find a really COOL Blathers costume, this is IT! I love it so MUCH! Anyone who plays the game will immediately get you 100%! Just make sure you are carrying around a big book and remember to freak out a lot and then fall asleep randomly.

acnh facemask

ACNH Accessories

What Halloween costume is complete without a few accessories to hold onto? Kicking things off with a three-pack of Animal Crossing face masks.

We also have a variety of plush dolls – anyone from Celeste to Raymond – and a sweet backpack that will complete any costume you put together. In fact, you could wear this bag all year long.

coin bag

This bells bag isn’t just for looks – it’s actually functional! Use it to carry your makeup, keys, Nook Miles… whatevs. And rumor has it that Halloween is going to be chilly. So, be sure to strap up with these Nintendo themed socks. I heard they give you good luck. Just kidding, but they are super cute.

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