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Cricket Phone Deals Starting At $30 A Month!

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These new Cricket phone deals are worth looking over because their plans start at just $30 a month with extra opportunities to save. As a mom of three digitally connected kids, it’s important for me to make sure I seek out value while searching for a new service provider without sacrificing any quality.

Cricket Phone Deals

The best part? Their monthly plan bottom lines actually include taxes and never ask customers to sign annual contracts! Bliss! If 2020 taught me anything, it’s not to lock myself into anything I don’t know I will be able to handle 6 months down the line. Things…. change.

These Cricket Phone Deals Include A 5G Network

Before you even ASK, the wireless experience you will sign up for includes a nationwide 5G  network*. Cricket is working to give you the best 5G network experience possible at an affordable price. Talk, text, and stream on their 5G network. Already have a phone? No problem! You can bring your phone with you as long as it’s 5G compatible. 

Don’t have a phone? That’s not an issue either! Pick up the newest models and then opt-in for savings that are worth checking out.

*Requires a compatible device and a compatible plan for 5G connection. Limited Cricket 5G availability. May not be available in your area.

cricket phone deals

I spent this year really assessing every bill that my family receives – the autopay ones. You know, cable, electric, car notes, you name it. We even looked at how much we spend on food each week.

Once we wrote everything down and totaled the cost, it was shocking to understand what we were spending every month.

So, we tried to cut corners every way possible. We made serious changes to our lifestyle patterns and made tough decisions. In the end, our adjustments have positively affected our bottom line in a major way!

If you want to try to do the same thing, a great place to start is by checking out these Cricket Wireless plans. Smart shoppers still want to get the best quality product, but at a value price. Who on EARTH would want to pay more when you don’t have to?


cricket wireless promotions

Auto Pay: Customers that enroll in Auto Pay will get $5* off their service every month. What an easy way to save – right off the bat! If you enroll in this program, you can save your family $60 a year! Just for paying your bill through their system automatically.

* First month rate plan charges due in full. $5 credit applied upon enrollment in Auto Pay. Credit received at end of billing cycle. Auto Pay not available with Group Save discounts or select promotional offers. Visit

refer a friend

Refer a Friend: Earn up to $25 in bill credits for every person you refer to Cricket. I just love this idea! I have plenty of friends that are looking to save a few dollars every month right now. Why not spread the wealth?

* Maximum of 10 referrals/$250 in bill credits per year**. After 60 days of active service, you get $25 in bill credits and so does your friend. From your Cricket online account or the myCricket app, you can track the status of your friend referrals and your credits. Exclusions and restrictions apply. See for details.


Ad It Up App: Do you like to play games? I most certainly do! Well, you can actually save money by playing games on your phone through the Ad It Up app by Adfone. This app – made for Android users – lets customers earn points to redeem on Cricket bill credits and gift cards. I love this so much!

Points are earned by playing games, viewing ads, taking surveys, and watching videos. When you are ready to redeem those points, you can do so straight through the app.

bridge pay

Bridge Pay: If you don’t happen to have enough money to pay your bill this month, there is something called Bridge Pay that you can take advantage of thanks to Cricket. This program allows you to break your monthly payment into 2 or 3 easy payments with a 7-day extension.

Customers can pay a portion of their bill when it’s due, and then pay the rest one week later. You won’t lose any service and you won’t have to worry about paying a reactivation fee.

Customers are charged a fee for the service ($5 on a single line or $10 on a multi-line account), they maintain service and avoid a $25 reconnection fee.  Up to $10 activation fee and restrictions apply.


What Are You Waiting For?

Ready to make the switch? Head on over to Cricket today and speak to a representative to learn how you can start saving today.


Thursday 8th of October 2020

We love Cricket and have been with them for several years! Never have issues or dropped calls.

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