Enter To Win A Perdue Farms October Party Pack

Game day. Quick fixes. Meals with the kids. If you are looking for some popcorn chicken, strips, and wings, this is a contest you won’t want to miss. I’ve teamed up with Perdue Farms to offer one of their October Party Packs to one of my readers and couldn’t be more thrilled!

October Party Pack

What’s Included In The October Party Pack?

  • One 1.6-lb. bag Perdue Grilled Chicken Breast Strips
  • One 1.6-lb. bag Perdue Honey BBQ-Style Boneless Chicken Wyngz
  • One 12-oz. package Niman Ranch Fat Tire Shredded Beef
  • Three 1.6-lb. bags Perdue Breaded Popcorn Chicken
  • One 1.6-lb. bag Perdue Buffalo-Style Boneless Chicken Wyngz
  • One 1.6-lb. bag Perdue Crispy Chicken Strips

You will receive all items in your pack FROZEN. Please allow 6-8 weeks for shipment. Must live in the US to qualify.

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Makes Hosting A Breeze

Last-minute guests always seem to pop up around my house – especially on Sunday thanks to my son, Liam. His friends always bike right up to my door and come in HUNGRY. That’s why I love to have a versatile assortment of heat-and-serve products on hand to make party prep STRESS-FREE.

I especially like to lean on finger foods because that way I can just pass them around as soon as they are ready. If I need to open up a new bag of chips or a bag of frozen wings, I can. The option is there. Bliss!

Ready To Enter?

To enter, simply use the form below! Good luck! Looking for some chicken recipes to serve alongside these easy to make apps? No prob!

Perdue Farms October Party Pack – Valued At $114

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  1. Kelly D wrote:

    I would invite my parents, brother and his family.

    Posted 10.7.20
  2. Gina Ferrell wrote:

    I would invite my family and friends.

    Posted 10.7.20
  3. Darla Peduzzi wrote:

    I would invite all the my littler cousins to have a fun party with my 8 year old grandson.

    Posted 10.7.20
  4. Kelsey Vinson wrote:

    Id invite my family

    Posted 10.7.20
  5. Kelly wrote:

    I would invite my family and friends

    Posted 10.7.20
  6. Jennifer Cervantes wrote:

    I would invite my family .

    Posted 10.7.20
  7. LeAnn Harbert wrote:

    I will cook this for my sons and my granddaughters

    Posted 10.7.20
  8. Billie R wrote:

    My sister, her husband, and their son my nephew. He’s my fave little dude!

    Posted 10.7.20
  9. Donna C. wrote:

    I would invite my family

    Posted 10.7.20
  10. Laura B. wrote:

    I’d invite my siblings and my nieces.

    Posted 10.7.20
  11. Mary Carmen wrote:

    I would invite my neighbors.

    Posted 10.7.20
  12. Natalie wrote:

    I would invite my coworkers to my party!!

    Posted 10.7.20
  13. Jeanna wrote:

    I would invite my sisters to the party!

    Posted 10.7.20
  14. Melissa Storms wrote:

    I would invite the family that I haven’t seen in a long while.

    Posted 10.7.20
  15. Christie Lombardo wrote:

    I would invite my mom and dad

    Posted 10.7.20
  16. Lisa Mazola wrote:

    My son

    Posted 10.7.20
  17. susan smoaks wrote:

    I would have my family over for the party.

    Posted 10.7.20
  18. Dana Matthews wrote:

    I would invite my nieces and nephews! They love for me to cook for them!

    Posted 10.8.20
  19. Tim wrote:

    I would invite my brother and his family. We eat together regularly, so it would necessarily be a special occasion, but we enjoy it.

    Posted 10.8.20
  20. Barrie wrote:

    I would invite my mom, hubby, kiddo, kiddo’s bestie, and kiddo’s bestie boyfriend. Controlled and safe.

    Posted 10.8.20
  21. Victor Williams wrote:

    I’d invite my family and friends. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Posted 10.9.20
  22. Tracy Heyer wrote:

    My family and friends

    Posted 10.9.20
  23. Tracy Heyer wrote:

    My mom for coffee

    Posted 10.9.20
  24. Sandra Watts wrote:

    I would just invite my close family.

    Posted 10.9.20
  25. Christa Lopez wrote:

    I would invite my mom and sister!

    Posted 10.9.20
  26. Sherry Fowler wrote:

    the fam

    Posted 10.9.20
  27. Sandy Weinstein wrote:

    I would cook the food and take it to my veterinary’s office and have a luncheon to show my appreciation for them taking such great care of my dogs.

    Posted 10.10.20
  28. Jeremy McLaughlin wrote:

    Would invite my family.

    Posted 10.10.20
  29. Stephanie Grant wrote:

    I would invite my sister, parents and in-laws!

    Posted 10.10.20
  30. Mya Murphy wrote:

    Share?! Chicken?? Bahaha.. This looks yummmo!! And all for me.

    Posted 10.11.20
  31. Tiffany S wrote:

    I would invite my close family and friends.

    Posted 10.11.20
  32. Crystal Abel wrote:

    Family and neighbor.

    Posted 10.11.20
  33. Laurie Nykaza wrote:

    I would share it with my husband and kids. We have been at our home since 3/13 so we could use a pick me up and we love Perdue Farms too.

    Posted 10.12.20
  34. Nickie wrote:

    I would invite my family and friends

    Posted 10.13.20
  35. Kristin McCall wrote:

    I would invited all my family and friends to my party!

    Posted 10.15.20
  36. Leela wrote:

    With my family and friends.

    Posted 10.16.20
  37. Kimberly G wrote:

    I would invite my family.

    Posted 10.16.20
  38. dana wrote:

    always with my husband and two sons

    Posted 10.18.20
  39. Cassandra D wrote:

    Family and co-workers.

    Posted 10.20.20

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