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Getting Ready For Halloween With Kids

This post is sponsored by the Quaker Oats company. All opinions are my own.

Getting ready for Halloween with kids is always so much fun! There are plenty of things to do around the house to prepare for the big day and to stay in the festive spirit. Grab yourself a few Chewy Halloween Minis and your favorite party costume and check out the top seven things to do with your family today.

Getting Ready For Halloween

Getting Ready For Halloween With Kids

Halloween might feel a bit different this year, but maybe we should amp up the fun because of it. Whether we are looking for new Halloween cookie recipes, games to play, or pumpkin stencils to use, parents want to keep their children laughing and having a blast.

covid halloween

In need of some ideas? Here are a few to jumpstart your celebration.

Make Your Own Party Mix

Life Cereal makes a really great base to create a party mix of your own. Take your favorite flavors from home and combine to create a sweet treat every family member will enjoy.

party mix using life cereal

We opted for Life Chocolate flavor and Life Original mixed with marshmallows, chocolate, and peanuts. Easy as can be!  Pass around during a not-so-scary movie night… but make sure you have enough for a few rounds.

chewy halloween minis

Chewy Halloween Minis

This year, we’re planning to celebrate the spooky season with fun snacks such as Chewy Halloween Minis. Things are a bit different this year. So, we decided to purchase a big bowl to set out for neighbors to enjoy on their own.

Made with 100% whole grains and other delicious ingredients, Quaker Chewy is a convenient snack that parents can feel good about giving their kids and their neighbors. 

With 180 calories per serving and no artificial flavors or artificial preservatives, Chewy Halloween Minis are a delicious option for homes across the country to give out this year.

Chewy Halloween Minis are a great treat because you can enjoy them all month long – not just on the big day!

spooky snacks for kids

Make Lunch Fun

Speaking of enjoying Chewy Halloween Minis all month long, I’ve been packing them in my children’s lunchboxes as a snack for the last few weeks. What a blast!

getting ready for halloween with kids

I’m able to inject a little fun into their everyday routine by adding a bar to their lunch. My little guy always gets so excited when he sees something festive during snack time.

Pick Your Own Costume

kids pick their own costume

I know parents have their own ideas about what their children should be while they are still young, but let them be little! If my son wants to be a game character and I want him to be something entirely different… I’m going to let him win. It’s his big day and not mine, after all!

We are just watching these moments. They are living them. Let’s never forget that.

Decorate The House

fire mantle decor

We might go a little overboard. We might not. It depends on who you ask. I love to decorate my living room and dining room to the max. There isn’t a shelf that isn’t occupied with something related to October. Black cats, skeletons, vampire caskets – oh my!

Spooky Music

Use one of your many digital devices and stream spooky music while having dinner together each night. There are so many different playlists already created, you don’t even have to worry about creating one of your own.

We typically let our kids pick the type of songs they want to play and then we sit back and watch them dance the night away. Ok, we usually join in on most nights! Who can resist the Monster Mash?

Whether you’re packing a snack for the pumpkin patch or planning a spooky movie night at home, one thing is clear. Quaker has you covered with their new Chewy Minis made specifically for the upcoming holiday.

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