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Life Cereal Chocolate Flavor Is Made With 24 Grams Of Whole Grain Goodness With A Sweet Taste For Picky Eaters

This post is sponsored by The Quaker Oats Company, all opinions are my own.

Life Cereal Chocolate just became a new staple in my house with breakfast. Not only do we get to enjoy at least 24 grams of whole grains per one-cup serving, but now there’s a hint of chocolate flavor with every spoonful. Bliss!

Life Cereal Chocolate

Do you have picky eaters in your home? I most certainly do! With three kids who each have their own personal profile preferences, sometimes I feel like a short-order cook.

This back to school season, I knew I had to figure things out and streamline breakfast as much as possible because I have a feeling that there will be more on our plate to worry about than breakfast.

whole grain cereal

Life Cereal Chocolate Flavor Is Made With 24 Grams Of Whole Grain Goodness With A Sweet Taste For Picky Eaters

Thank goodness Life Cereal introduced a brand new flavor to their mix. We were already such huge fans of their original and cinnamon flavors, but adding a chocolate flavor literally takes breakfast off my to-do list.

virtual learning for kids

The great news about Life Cereal is regardless of the flavor you choose, you still get the good stuff. There are 24-26g of Heart-Healthy* Whole Grains per one-cup serving. No matter what FLAVOR you choose from the Life Cereal line, you still get their heart-healthy promise. I love that as a mom. (*Diets rich in whole grain foods, other plant foods and low in total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease), and I love that as a mom.

quaker cereal for kids

Life Cereal is also an excellent source of five B Vitamins and a good source of calcium. Combine that with milk and some fresh fruit and you have yourself a tasty breakfast to help kickstart your morning!  

It makes it so easy for me to streamline my mornings knowing that there will be no pushback from the kids and we will be out the door!

back to school 2020

Back To School In 2020

Back to school this year looks and feels very different for my children. I have three kids going to three different schools, with three different bus schedules and setups.

We are all nervous. Everyone is leaving and coming home at different times. The logistics of it alone is overwhelming and anxiety-laced.

breakfast for kids

However, breakfast time for us is the foundation. It’s the moment where we get to set the tone for the rest of the day. It’s the few minutes out of our rushed mornings where we get to sit together one more time before we all go off on our own paths.

I always want to make sure it’s a great moment for my kids. I don’t want them heading out on the wrong foot. As a parent, I feel like I have control over this. I NEVER just give them something to eat on the bus. I need us to start and end our days together – always.

virtual learning and a healthy breakfast

This year, more than EVER, a cereal like Life Cereal – one that is made with whole-grain goodness and other delicious ingredients and comes in great flavors like the new Chocolate flavor, is exactly what I wanted as a mom. 

life chocolate cereal for kids

And as I mentioned, Life Cereal Chocolate Flavor LITERALLY works on every kid – even the pickiest eater. Who wouldn’t want to have the flavor of chocolate with breakfast time? LOL! Even my husband has a bowl with them. After all, we are all kids in our hearts, right?

Discover the newest Life Cereal flavor at

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