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10 Disney Villain Shirts For Women

Sprinkle a little pixie dust on your next Disney World vacation with these adorable Disney Villain shirts featuring some of the best of the worst. Whether you want to show off Ursula, the Evil Queen, Cruella de Vil, or a little of all three, these top ten custom Disney shirts have you covered.

disney villain shirts

10 Disney Villain Shirts For Women

Whenever I head to the parks, I like to show up wearing customized t-shirt designs with my family. An easy way to spruce up your vacation photos is with matching Disney shirts – especially as a family. However, if you want to concentrate on the evil doers of the movie world, I have you covered. You picked the right blog because I LOVE villains! They always have the best storylines.

My personal favorite is Maleficent when it comes to Disney villains. She takes the cake… err the poisoned apple… err… the cursed contract! UGH! You know what I mean. But the Evil Queen is a strong runner up!

Either way, if you are looking for ideas Disney villains t shirts to bring to brighten up your mood or to help work on that perfect family photo – I’ve found over ten styles that I think are simply perfect. A villain t shirt is exactly what we all need right now.

Disney Villain Shirts

Walt Disney certainly knew what he was doing when he put together a kingdom filled with Disney princesses, castles, and adventure. He gave us music and mystery, a childhood filled with hopes and dreams… and something to believe in.

But every good story has to have a bad guy. A villain – someone to root against. The funny thing about most villains is that they are typically misunderstood or were so painfully wronged that they are just hurting others because they are hurt. A great villain is one that you want to help in the end. At least, that’s my interpretation.

I love how Disney is now telling new versions of old movies these days. Take Maleficent, for example. I had the chance to interview the majority of the cast during the release and just loved the new spin on why Maleficent – played by Angelina Jolie – felt the way she did about Aurora – played by Elle Fanning.

Disney Villain Shirts For Everyone

Out of all of these Disney villain shirts, which design spoke to you the most? I thought the one with the cups would be perfect for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. You can’t drink with us!! DYING!

While I have a little time on my hands, I am absolutely going to start planning out my next Disney vacation and these villain shirts are on my list of things to purchase. Hope you found one that you liked!


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