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How To Make A Minecraft Server For Friends For Free

I have three children and they love to play Minecraft together. But sometimes they want to play with buddies who aren’t with them in the same room. Here’s everything you need to know about how to make a Minecraft server for friends for FREE just in case your children are looking for the same info.

how to create a minecraft server for free

How To Make A Minecraft Server For Friends For Free

Have you heard about Minehut? It’s a site operated by Super League Gaming and is dedicated to offering a safe online community for kids to get together and play the one game everyone loves – Minecraft.

How To Make A Minecraft Server For Friends

Minehut provides unlimited free servers for the Minecraft Community! Can you imagine? Of course, there are paid services available to people who want to have more robust features and server counts. But let’s be honest – your son and his 6 friends really don’t need to worry about that.

Minehut is really easy to set up. I did it in about 2 minutes and that is being really generous. Get 2 free servers in less time than it takes to break a wood block with a shovel. That was a gamer joke I found on their website and I think it’s hilarious.

minhunt private server

Basically, you log into your account, create your server name (anything you want) and then share that server name (pretend it’s like a URL) with the people you want to join your world. They will have to plug in your info on their computer screens and then you will all be on the same server.

The server saves your progress which is such a wonderful treat! Here is an example of the dashboard. I didn’t show our server name, but this is all you will have to manage. Is your server hibernating? Are you ready to activate it? Pretty self explanatory.

On the free plan, you can also see that you are allowed to have 10 Minecraft friends on at once. Which is more than enough for a free option if you ask me.

minecraft with friends

Is Minehut safe?

Yes, Minehut is 100% COPPA Compliant and features digital and human moderation throughout all public-facing channels.

how to play minecraft with friends

How much does it cost?

Minehut allows you to set up a private Minecraft server for you and your friends to use and does it all for free at the entry-level server choice. I just want to repeat one more time. For our littles, the free server sounds great.

If you have older children who are more serious about their gaming, you might want to consider gifting them the paid feature. The benefits of an upgraded server are as follows.

For about $5/month users can enjoy the following:

  • Play with more friends! With a paid server you’ll get at least 15 player slots, allowing your child and all of their friends to play and build together
  •  Extra Power to allow your child to use more of the 300+ free plugins without impacting performance. These plugins let your child customize their server in infinite ways
  • Uninterrupted playtime – paid servers are never shutdown or migrated while in use, your child will be able to build, refine, and show off their creation without hindrances

BUT… I Am Not Tech SAVVY!

Hey, girl! There are so many people that feel the same exact way. Don’t worry – this company won’t leave you hanging. There are a wide variety of helpful tutorials on YouTube with safe, fun and easy-to-understand videos. They cover everything from setting up your account, uploading your world, to inviting friends, and more.

If you are worried that you won’t be able to figure out how to make a Minecraft server for friends, you will have plenty of videos to watch and rewatch. But TRUST ME, it won’t be hard to follow.

What if my child just wants to play Minecraft on their own?

Minehut features 1000s of active, user-created servers spanning a plethora of game types each day. In addition, new servers are added daily, so there is always more to do and play – your child will never be bored.

He doesn’t necessarily need Minecraft friends to enjoy this site. Although… personally I think Minecraft with friends is always more entertaining.

how to play minecraft with friends

Ready To Create A Private MineCraft Server With MineHut?

What are you waiting for? Head on over to MineHut and watch how simple it is to copy and paste the server information to get started.

You can name your server whatever you want – it doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. We created our Minecraft private server name by using a combination of our last name and our home town. Something our littles won’t forget PLUS it’s easy to pass along to friends.

I hope this information is helpful for Minecraft friends. My son loves to have Minecraft playing sessions online with his friends. They live all over the country! It’s so easy to do!

The 8 of them set a time and then get to work! The things kids can do today – so fascinating!! It’s like a virtual lunch date with friends… but better. Do you feel like you have a better grasp on how to make a Minecraft server for friends? I hope so!

When they are all done playing Minecraft on a private server, they can then head out on and go on a virtual field trip or skip around and visit a few virtual zoos.


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