I Completely Switched Around My House

Update: Took down the video. People had a point about putting up a detailed view of the inside of my home. I showed where every door / window etc was and now-a-days that can be dangerous.


Two nights ago, a friend came over for dinner and I started to tell her how much I wanted to rearrange my house to include a formal living room. I don’t mean a fart-y unlivable space where you aren’t allowed to sit or eat. I mean a nice adult-only room where there’s no television and conversations can actually be had without kicking toys under the couch. My current living room always looks like a bomb went off. ALWAYS. So whenever people stop by, it’s a mad dash to clear a pathway into the center of the room.

I wanted a place where I could entertain my friends without having to worry about tiding up. WELL, Amy (my next door neighbor) gave me the nudge I needed and actually helped me configure the floor so that I have an empty room just for that! I am DYING that’s how excited I am. We really just need to repaint the room that is now my formal dining room because the color on the wall doesn’t go with my old furniture.

The house originally had a formal living room and formal dining room – but we changed it a bit and I think that was a mistake.

On Wednesday, hubby and I are going to go furniture shopping with Liam while Natalie is in school. Then once everything arrives – the kids are going to sleep at their grandparents house and I’m throwing a little house party. 🙂


And in other news, if you have been keeping up with my personal blog you would know that for the last three years I’ve been looking for a place that served freshly squeezed orange juice for Breakfast. Well, WE FINALLY FOUND ONE!!! In town and I drank about 5 of them over the weekend. YUM!

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  1. Me wrote:

    So is this the before or after? From what i see, you have a beautiful house, very nicely decorated. I like how you mix your colors. Ethan Allen right?

    Posted 2.22.10
  2. veryvera wrote:

    This is the after – the first room is empty. We moved that green table to be in the kitchen. It used to be where my real dining room is and my real dining room used to be where my empty room is. The table extends MUCH bigger than how we have it now.

    Will post updated video when we get new furniture!!! So excited.

    Posted 2.22.10
  3. me wrote:

    got it, I missed the first part of the video, sorry!!

    Posted 2.22.10
  4. geee wrote:

    It's such a shame that people can't be trusted, but it's probably smart to take the video down.

    Posted 2.22.10
  5. NicoleRenae wrote:

    I'm sad I missed the video, but I completely understand. We moved into our new house about 6 months ago, so we don't need to rearrange just yet. But it is fun to rearrange, I was already thinking of rearranging my bedroom. lol

    Posted 2.23.10
  6. anotherdirtymartini wrote:

    Vera, one of my xmas gifts to Todd was a Breville juicer. We've been messing w/it for a week. we get free citrus fruit from his folk's trees so that is a money saver. It's kind of cool trying different fruits. Todd made an apple, carrot and celery juice combo that looked like watery dirt but actually tasted good, lol. Anyhow, maybe you guys would enjoy making your own oj

    Posted 2.23.10
  7. veryvera wrote:

    how many oranges do you need to use in order to make a glass of juice? i might do that!!

    Posted 2.24.10
  8. anotherdirtymartini wrote:

    Todd says he used two good sized oranges to get about 6-8 oz. Wish we lived closer – my in-laws are always trying to get rid of fruit! It's come in quite handy w/the juicer. Btw, the Breville is a little known brand w/a great reputation. I got it on Chef's.com Sign up at http://www.memolink.com first, make your purchase through memolink and you can save up for nice gift certificates. Over the years, I seriously have earned AT LEAST $1000…not kidding!

    Posted 2.24.10

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