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The Danger Of The Crocodile Dream

The crocodile in your dreams is a symbol of the primitive animal within you. It’s an instinctual creature that lives without much rational thought, but it does know how to survive and protect itself. In other words, crocodiles are survivors who will do anything to stay alive.

The alligator dream may also be a reflection of something you need or want deep down inside yourself. The dream message could signify unmet desires for power and control over others in some way, or even represent the desire for someone else to take care of you. The crocodile might also be telling you that things are going too smoothly right now–things always unravel when they go too well!

crocodile dream

What does it mean to dream of a crocodile?

The crocodile is a powerful symbol–it represents deep-rooted feelings, primal instincts, and intense desires. In some cultures, crocodiles are linked to sexual energy and fertility.

Dreams about crocodiles may be representative of something or someone that has been on your mind lately; look around at what’s happening in your waking life for clues in your daily life about the significance of this creature. It could also represent an aspect of yourself you are hiding from others but not from yourself. If you don’t deal with it, the crocodile will rise up again later to remind you.

As difficult as they can be, the crocodile message can actually help us confront our fears and work through them so we can evolve into better people. The meaning of the crocodile dream can be an omen, warning us to prepare for the worst in our current life. If we don’t heed this creature’s advice in our dreams, it will come back again and again until we do listen.

What does it mean to dream about a crocodile chasing you?

If you find yourself being chased by an angry crocodile with aggressive behaviors in your dream, it may be a sign that someone or something is out to get you. You’ve probably been going about life without much fear of the consequences until now, but these dream meanings are a warning that it’s time to wake up and take note of what’s happening around you before something bad happens.

They are a message in disguises, spiritual secrets, filled with hidden dream meanings that you need to work through. Crocodile symbolism is clear and we will walk through several scenarios now. 

alligator dream

What does it mean to dream about alligators attacking?

The beautiful crocodile’s cousin the alligator is another symbol of our inner primitive nature. An alligator attack can be extremely vicious. So, if you dream that an alligator in water chases or attacks you, it could be a sign of an underlying feeling of being chased in life by something–such as fears and insecurities. Pay attention to your emotions and feelings when you wake up from this frightening dream; they hold valuable clues about what may be troubling you right now.

When you see the alligator swimming towards you, what did it feel like? When the alligator body neared your own, how did you react? This interpretation of dreams matters because the message in your dreams is clear. Their spiritual meanings are meant for you to decipher. 

What does it mean to dream you’re swimming with crocodiles?

Swimming in crocodile-infested waters is a death wish! If you dream of doing this, it’s a sign that you may have gone too far with something and need to back away before things get out of control. It could also signify feelings of helplessness or an urge to be taken care of by someone else. When the toothy creature attack people, they often drag them underwater with their tails and thick skin; when crocodiles appear in your dreams as swimming companions, this could mean that someone is trying to manipulate you without your knowledge. This means you need to find your own tougher skin and become an aggressive crocodile yourself. 

dreaming of crocodiles

What does it mean to dream you’re riding a crocodile?

Dreaming of riding a crocodile is an indication of feeling powerful or in control. Perhaps you’re dealing with some intense emotions and feelings right now and the animal represents your ability to harness that energy. It could also mean that this beast is your crocodile spirit animal.

Maybe you’ve been needing someone else to take care of you but haven’t wanted to admit it; this could be a sign that you’re ready to get what’s been missing from your life (and not just from somebody else). Consider purchasing a crocodile totem to help ward off attacks from people. The ancient symbol will help protect you during bad times. 

What does it mean to kill a crocodile in your dream?

When crocodiles kill their prey, they do it by ripping them apart with their teeth. If you dream of killing a crocodile or an alligator threat, you may be feeling like you’ve been torn apart inside lately or like someone has taken advantage of your generosity; perhaps you are ready to get back at that person now.

When you kill a crocodile in your dream and you watch it die, it could also be a sign that you need to examine the choices in your life and reflect on how they impact others. Pay attention to whatever feelings you have right after waking from this dream. These dreams are often vivid and intense, so even if you aren’t dreaming about crocodiles all the time, you’re probably dealing with these issues on some level.

What does it mean to see crocodiles mating?

Crocodile mating is not something that happens often, so seeing crocodiles mating in your dreams may indicate an important emotional event or new relationship for you coming up soon. If one crocodile pursues another crocodile in your dream, this might represent an aspect of yourself seeking out love or understanding from someone else. If two crocodiles fight over one crocodile, it’s likely a sign that you are feeling conflicted about how to react to someone else; crocodile dreams often have meanings related to power struggles in relationships.

meaning of a dream with a croc

What does an alligator mean in your dream?

In general, an alligator could be a symbol of something frightening or powerful. If there is more than one alligator in your dream, this could represent something that has been lurking (or swimming!) beneath the surface of your consciousness for a while now; crocodiles are known for appearing without warning! An alligator attacking you may signify feelings of being overwhelmed by problems in your life or being taken advantage of by someone; getting attacked by crocodiles on land can sometimes symbolize issues with mother-figures.

If you’ve had a crocodile dream and now your waking life feels like it’s shifted for the worse, don’t fret! You may be grieving over a decision that has recently come to an end or mourning the loss of something important in your life; crocodile dreams often symbolize issues with letting go. If this is the case, try to determine exactly when this crocodile dream took place in order to pinpoint what you’re dealing with right now.

  • A crocodile crawling through your window at night may signify feelings of helplessness or insecurity about being attacked at home; on the flip side, if a crocodile is attacking someone else and not you, it might indicate that someone close to you is struggling through a tough situation right now. 
  • Killing crocodiles with weapons:  If this happens in a dream, then kill emotional crocodiles by your words of anger, disrespect, gossip or rebellion against authority.
  • Killing crocodiles with your bare hands:  If this happens in a dream then kill crocodiles by using patience to hold crocodile emotions in check. Some crocodile dreams are good and some crocodile dreams are bad so you need to be able to tell the difference when you have them.
  • Crocodile attacks on land:   Are crocodile emotions attacking you because they think they can get away with it?
  • Crocodile attacks while you sleep:   So crocodiles attack you while you sleep and then they keep coming back for more emotionally like you don’t even notice they are doing it over and over again? That is not a good crocodile dream. You need crocodile control to stop crocodiles from doing this in crocodile dreams.
  • Crocodile attacks by water:   Are crocodile emotions attacking you because they think you are not paying attention? If crocodiles attack you by water then crocodile emotions know that you can’t escape their crocodile attack on land and they do it anyway because crocodiles think they are smarter than everyone else? That is a really bad crocodile dream for anyone who has it so try not to have this kind of crocodile dream if possible.

What if I am bitten by the crocodile in my dream?

Then crocodile emotions are biting you and nagging at you in crocodiles dreams. Like crocodile chomping jaws refusing to let go even when the crocodile is dead so it keeps chewing on your feelings over and over again until crocodiles break free from that state of mind?

What does a crocodile dream mean if I am attacked by crocodiles for no reason?

If crocodiles attack you for no reason then they don’t really like you and they keep attacking you anyway because crocs think they can get away with anything even when it hurts everyone around them. This is not good crocodile behavior so stop these crocodile dreams from happening ever again.

  • Crocodiles are being too aggressive in my dreams:  What crocodile emotions are doing in crocodile dreams?
  • Crocodiles attacking small animals like fish or mice:   Sometimes crocodile emotions are attacking you because crocodile emotions don’t understand that crocodiles should not be attacking anyone for any reason. So crocodiles attack something small and defenseless instead of what crocodiles should attack which is crocodile enemies who attack them first in crocodile dreams. So if crocodiles attack something small and harmless then try to remember if there is anything about yourself that someone could perceive as weak or defenseless. If so, go after those crocodiles with everything you’ve got until they stop hurting the people around them!
  • Crocodiles on your side:  Are crocodile feelings trying to help you win crocodile battles? If crocodiles are on your side in crocodile dreams then you need to make sure crocodiles don’t attack anything that is not their enemy or crocodiles will be losing crocodile friends who could have been on crocodiles’ sides instead.
  • Crocodiles all around:  If crocodiles surround you in crocodile dreams then someone is trying to keep croc feelings close to them and they refuse to let go of the past as a result. This can cause bad crocodile behaviors that hurt everyone involved in crocodile dreams.

What does a baby crocodile mean in my dream?

A baby alligator or baby crocodiles are crocodile emotions that refuse to grow up emotionally like crocodile babies in real life. These crocodile feelings want crocodiles to keep acting like a baby is supposed to act and that is what keeps crocodiles from growing up emotionally in crocodile dreams. If you have this kind of crocodile dream then you need to make sure croc emotions don’t get away with anything they do because crocodiles can not continue their crocodile behavior much longer if they continue attacking people the way they are doing it now! 

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