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As IF I Would Harass An Alligator: My Visit To The Kiawah Island Golf Resort With Infiniti

Yet ANOTHER sign I fell in love with while down in South Carolina with Infiniti.

As you know, I spent a few days in Charleston with the car company testing out the new Infiniti JX. Can’t speak about that JUST YET – but I can write up recaps of my actual trip.

During our 3 hour drive, we stopped to have lunch at Kiawah Island Golf Resort – the home of the 2012 PGA Golf Championship. I actually felt guilt being here. My poor husband!! He would have LOVED to visit this course because he is such a fan of the sport. Had I known that Infiniti was bringing us here, I would have sent Bill in my place so he could walk the greens.

I took lots of pics and bought him a souvenir to make up for his absence. Not sure it worked… 🙂

The Kiawah Island Golf Resort was lovely.  We didn’t get to see the entire property, but the group did have lunch in the clubhouse and visit the putting range. That’s where I came across the above sign. Yes, there were real alligators just hanging out.

… and they had their eyes on us.

LOOK AT THAT PICTURE!! OH MY GOODNESS – that evil grin…. he knew I was tasty. LOL! PS – I have a pretty good zoom. I wasn’t that close to the beast.

I couldn’t stop photographing them. I just couldn’t! I’m not sure how they managed to get me back inside for lunch… but they did. This is just about as close as I want to get to the show ‘Swamp People‘ in real life. I like watching that wrestling on television… but don’t ask me to participate.

Have you had a chance to visit the Kiawah Island Golf Resort while in South Carolina? Are you a golfer?


Wednesday 21st of March 2012

You know what?! I went to a mangrove swamp and nearly stepped on a monitor lizard (huge one) cos I was walking backwards talking to my toddler and husband. My husband shouted 'Watch Out!' and I was inches from that scary lizard. He has no evil grin like the one you saw though lol (oops, i'm grinning but it's not evil!)

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