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What Your Dreams About Cutting Hair Really Means

Dreaming about cutting hair means there are drastic changes happening in your life. Consequences you cannot ignore. Issues you need to face that you cannot outrun. When you dream about having your hair cut, it is an extreme way to realize that you feel very much out of control.

dreams cutting hair

What does it mean when I dream about cutting hair? Spiritually speaking, drastic changes are about to manifest in your life and you cannot outrun them. There will be no turning back once you approach this new point and you need to spend time building up courage and confidence to address this new era.

Today, let’s dive deeper into some of the most common symbol interpretations as well as the spiritual significance of hair in dreams.

What does hair symbolize in dreams?

Out of all the dreams we’ve discussed on this blog so far, this is one of the most emotional ones to date. This makes sense because hair is very personal to people. The only other dream interpretation that relates is breaking teeth. Both dreams are highly stressed and linked to feeling out of control.

If you feel uncomfortable during your hair being cut in your dream, then it means that you are utterly afraid of something in real life. Is there something you don’t want to lose? Has someone stolen your power? Can you not accept new change? What are you in denial about?

cutting hair in dream

What is the spiritual significance of cutting hair?

Our hair is deeply connected to our sense of identity. In the end, hair represents who we are. If we are having a great hair day, then we essentially walk out of our house feeling great. This is the running storyline we are fed on TV, right?

To some degree, there is real truth in that pitch. Your hair is linked to your self-esteem levels when it comes to your dream state. It represents your personal power. Depending on how your hair is cut, how you feel about the cut, and what you try to do afterward will give you a better understanding of your inner thoughts.

Are you a very intuitive person?

This particular dream could also be your way of showcasing that you are not connected to your intuition lately. Something feels OFF. Do you feel lost, depressed? Even confused about the direction of your life lately? Can you not PLUG IN the way you normally used to? You might need to do some meditation and spiritual cleansing to realign.

bad haircut in dream

A Bad Haircut In A Dream

Have you ever had a dream where you received a bad haircut? You feel terrible about yourself and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it once it’s done. You can’t regrow hair, right?! A bad haircut is the WORST FEELING.

Did something happen in your real life that you cannot undo? Think back over the last few days. What has happened that you cannot take back but you wish you could? Why do you want to hide your face (hair)? What are you ashamed of?

A bad haircut in a dream represents insecurity. You don’t feel good about yourself right now. Well, what is happening in your real life that would make you feel this way? How can you work on your self-esteem levels?

Feeling Like You Cut Your Hair Too Short

If your hair is very long and then you decide to cut it, but you cut it too short and don’t like the new look, take it as a warning sign. It means you need to sit down and reassess what is happening in your life, retrace your steps and learn from some mistakes that were just made.

If your hair is very long and you decide to cut it and LOVE the look, then this is a great dream! This means you have removed some dead weight from your real life. You will continue to make good decisions – one that will keep you on a virtuous path. Get ready to explore a new part of life that you’ve never experienced.

Dreaming Of Someone Cutting Your Hair

If you have a dream and witness someone cutting your hair, it means that something is about to happen in your real life. Do you feel like people are constantly deciding your life for you? Do you feel left out of your own loop? Are you no longer in charge?

Use this message as a reminder that you have the power to take back control of your life. You don’t have to live at the mercy of another. It is your life and so, you should be the one making the decisions. Step up. Hopefully, this will be the last moment in your life where you let someone else take your power away.

Health Of Your Locks

Take a look at your hair. Try to remember the state it was in. Was it healthy, shiny, and cared for? Then that is a positive sign. It means that you are doing right by yourself.

However, if your hair was a MESS then it could mean that you don’t take care of yourself enough. Use this as a sign that you need to slow down and start doing some self-care. Personal self-care. It’s ok to pamper yourself from time to time. You deserve it.

Hair loss in dreams

If you experience this terrifying event in a dream, you might be too concerned with your outside appearance. Dealing with hair loss in real life can be absolutely traumatizing. So, it only makes sense that it is not the best omen in a dream.

Hair is linked to youth, sex, drive. When people begin to lose their hair on their heads, they feel like they are no longer themselves. Do you feel powerless? Do you not feel yourself lately?

Are you no longer in control of your life? Do you no longer feel like you are beautiful or the center of your world? Are you being replaced at work? Who took your power? Define it. Is there a situation you are in that you have absolutely no control over? Think.

chopped hair

I Chopped All My Hair Off

Some people have dreams about different hair styles because they are considering them in real life. Are you thinking about going shorter? If that is the case, then you are just daydreaming.

However, if out of the blue, you suddenly chop all of your hair off in a dream and don’t know why or how you did that… there is an actual reason. This symbol represents a new direction for your spiritually. It means that you are ready to finally take on the world. You found your courage – to find something new and to be bold about new choices.

What do hair scissors mean in a dream?

If you found yourself looking at a set of hair scissors in your dream this could mean that you are ready to cut out all negativity from your life. Take this as a positive sign.

If you dreamed that you used the scissors on someone else, then you will face problems with someone in your life. You will not do it alone. It won’t necessarily be the person you are working on. That person is irrelevant.

Lastly, if you watch someone cut hair with scissors from afar, take this as a sign that things will not go your way.

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