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Dreaming Of Eggs And The Meaning Behind The Symbol

The spiritual meaning of eggs is linked to eternal life, but if you find yourself dreaming of eggs it could mean fertility, positive changes, or even good luck. Let’s assess the different possible scenarios that happened inside your dream state to fully understand this dream symbol.

dreaming of eggs

It’s not just about the actual egg. We need to analyze how the egg manifested itself.

Were the eggs large or small? Broken or whole? Being cooked or in a nest? It all truly matters! These details are extremely important when it comes to understanding the dream interpretation.

Dreaming About Eggs And The Meaning Behind The Symbol

Eggs, in general, symbolize life and the life cycle. So, think about new beginnings. This particular dream offers up HOPE and is considered a positive omen. A wonderful blessing, indeed.

There are many possibilities that are about to unfold for you in the near future. What is it that you hope happens? What are you longing for? What have you been working towards? These new beginnings are within your reach.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of egg dreams.

dreaming of fried eggs

Dreaming of Fried Eggs

If you dream of a fried egg, it is a message that you need to remove yourself from specific pressures in your life. You need to open your eyes and truly reassess your current state. What is happening that isn’t working for you right now?

Think about how the fried egg looks. Doesn’t it resemble an EYE? That’s why it is linked to you giving your life a once over.

Have you pushed yourself too hard recently? Pan-fried eggs sometimes sizzle and burn. Their centers remain soft while their outsides harden. Is that you? Do you need time to recover?

On a lighter note, if you see sunny-side-up eggs, take it as a sign that you need a vacation – somewhere WARM.

Dreaming About Large Eggs

Did you see an ostridge egg or any other oversized egg in your dream? This is a symbol that you have many fortunes ahead of you and they will all appear out of thin air.

When you least expect it, this good luck will begin. It is a wonderful sign. Basically, the larger the egg, the better.

Breaking Eggs in a Dream

Broken eggs usually represent something that cannot be undone. Sadly, this is one egg symbol that doesn’t have a positive connotation. If you find a cracked egg or a completely broken one, then odds are you feel broken yourself.

Is your life a bit fragile? Are you in a million different pieces?

Broken eggs can symbolize failures in your life or failed expectations. What recent disappointments can you not let go of? What regrets are you struggling to let go of in the present?

This dream symbol is a sign that it is time to breathe and let go of the blame.

Eggs In A Nest

When you see a nest full of eggs in one of your dreams, it represents safety. But this can be interpreted in two different ways. Either you are feeling very safe and secure in your life and you feel really great about that because you have an overall sense of love around you…. OR you are playing things too safe and not making any big moves in your life. Only you can determine this.

dream about rotten eggs

Rotten Eggs

Rotten eggs symbolize missed opportunities. What did you lose out of in life? Bad timing ruined something? What was it?

There must have been something that you didn’t do because you waited too long or you didn’t think you were good enough to accomplish. The rotten egg in your dream is your remorse.

It was your lack of attention, commitment, desire, will, and passion that caused the loss. And now, you are riddled with guilt because of it.

Thrown Eggs

This isn’t a very good sign. Is someone throwing eggs at you? This means that you feel shame in real life. Is there anyone you know who is trying to manipulate you or humiliate you in your current state?

There is something happening right now in your life that you must address. Either you have a bully or you are the bully. Do you need protection or does someone need protection from you?

What does dreaming about boiled eggs mean?

Think about the qualities that a boiled egg has – hard, tough, thick, strong. Perhaps you are feeling “hard to break” as well? Do you feel like you are stronger than usual? Are you capable of handling whatever is thrown at you? Feeling proud of yourself? You are one strong egg!

Looks like you have a lot of self-confidence these days. Bravo! This means that you will be able to endure whatever life throws your way. Maybe it’s been throwing a lot, lately. But don’t worry because you can handle it.

Egg yolks in a dream

A dream about egg yolks is an overall good omen for your life. It is a positive dream that is oftentimes related to new beginnings. However, if you are eating the yolks raw, it might mean that you are rushing to quickly when it comes to decision making.

Take this note as a sign that you should slow down and double check your work.

What is the spiritual meaning of an egg?

The egg is a symbol of the womb. When thinking of Christian references, typically this symbolism often references a resurrection which gives people hope. New life is surrounding you. It could also mean that there is untapped potential within you that you are about to unleash.

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