Cleaning Your House Can Lift Your Spirits


Well, nothing would lift my spirits more than having a live-in maid… but I have to win the lotto first. Until then – join me as I try to alter my distaste for tidying up.

Weight Watchers did a study and found that 20 minutes of cleaning your house can boost your mood and increase happiness. Really? I guess if my house was always neat and tidy it would make me feel a bit better. I guess… 🙂

The magazine also said you can incorporate the chore into your exercise routine. For instance: Make big circular arm motions when washing your windows (wax on – wax off), do lunges while vacuuming, and keep your abs tight through it all.

I’m all about multi-tasking. I can dig it.

If you really want to go nuts, try doing 30 minutes of chores AFTER a 30 minute fitness DVD.

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