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CaliCase Is The Floating Waterproof Phone Case You Need This Summer

This is a sponsored post in paid partnership with CaliCase.

This summer, when you head to the water make sure you have a floating waterproof phone case with you to protect your tech. CaliCase is the perfect accessory to keep in your beach bag to ensure that you will still get every picture you want of your family without any concerns.


There are so many different reasons why I NEEDED an accessory like this for the warmer months. I’m someone that doesn’t like to leave anything of value on my towel when I hit the water. With the CaliCase, I can take whatever I need with me – right into the ocean! I love that!

What is a CaliCase waterproof floating pouch? It is a phone case that allows you to capture amazing pictures underwater while you’re enjoying time with your family at the beach/pool. This durable beach accessory has 2 layers of PVC plastic protection to ensure that even a day out while scuba diving won’t be an issue.

floating waterproof phone case

So, whether you just want to make sure that you have your phone and credit cards with you while swimming with friends, or you’re someone who really wants to take underwater shots of nearby fish, this is the product for you.

Will It Fit My Phone?

Great news! No matter what phone you own, it will be able to fit within these waterproof phone cases. However, if you have a phone bigger than the iPhone pro-Max, Note 10 plus, or use a thick case like an OtterBox or Lifeproof then be sure to check out the Extra Large version available online.

Personally, I just took my phone’s case OFF before inserting it into the UNIVERSAL version and everything fit wonderfully. I have a 12 Pro Max in case you are wondering.

floating phone case

Can I Use My Phone While It’s In The Case?

Yes! That’s the beauty of this beach accessory. All phone models and their touch screen features are fully functional while in the CaliCase. It is made to be used without having to constantly pull your phone out of place.

This is great for younger children to have because, if you think about it, sand can get into all the wrong places while out at the beach. The CaliCase is the perfect solution for parents looking to protect their tech. We all know how children are when they’re having fun, and the last thing most will worry about is whether or not their phone actually made it onto the towel!

So, capture all the memories you want by the sea, stop worrying about your personal items while in the water, and enjoy a stress-free day out with the kids.

calicase for the water

Grab Your Discount Code Today

Ready to start taking incredible photos while underwater with ease? Use vera at checkout to receive 20% off your order.

Think about the people in your life who might also need one of these cases today. This is the perfect gift for teens! With graduations right around the corner, any teenager would love to have one of these for upcoming aquatic adventures while out with friends.

waterproof cell phone cases

Whether you’re enjoying a family beach day or taking a video while scuba diving the great barrier reef, CaliCase is for anyone who wants to enjoy some fun outside near the water while keeping their phone protected. 

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