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How To Teach Kids To Play Chess

Teaching kids chess is easier than you think if you have the right tools available and a certain level of patience. If you want to teach your kids to play chess, break down the rules into small bites and give your child space to grow.

how to teach a child chess

How do I teach my child to play chess? It’s important to stay positive and calm while going over the rules with beginners. Teaching kids to play chess takes a lot of patience, and leaning on games like Storytime Chess can make learning more digestible.

What age can a child learn chess?

Children can start learning to play chess as early as 4-years-old. At the other end of the spectrum, it’s never too late to learn the game. So, if you are thinking about taking up the game, please do!

What is the best way to teach my child chess?

Children love to learn through doing! If you are someone who has a true interest in the game, show your child that your family has a passion for chess and incorporate it into your everyday routine. Take the board out often. Make sure you find friends that are interested in learning/playing and set up weekly playdates for the group so they can practice. Be sure to look for local groups or school clubs that offer free matches. Take advantage of every resource you have available to you including those listed at your library.

The more your child is submerged into a life that includes chess, the easier it will be for them to find true joy while playing.

We loved using Storytime Chess as a resource to help us teach the rules of the board and I am so thankful that their foundation was available to us!

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What Is Storytime Chess?

storytime chess

Storytime Chess is a great way to teach children how to play chess without it feeling like a lesson. It all starts off with a book – outlining each character (or piece) and giving them their own storyline. You learn about why the King can only move one step in each direction or why the Queen is so busy. The backstories are something they will never forget!

After you get through the book, which they will want to read over and over again, playing chess becomes simpler to comprehend. The horse moves the way he does because it’s the only way to open up the magic wall! Children remember these details much easier than straight facts and rules. When you plug into their imagination, things just get simpler.

storytime chess

After one reading, my youngest son was ready to play! That’s all it took. I loved how excited he was to show me everything he retained.

kids playing chess

Even while setting up the board, you can see how EASY Storytime Chess makes it. There are signs to place in each of the pieces, and pictures right next to the squares where those pieces belong. I no longer have to get anything ready, because Caleb can do it all on his own.

chess game teaching

Now, my kids play together all the time -without parental supervision. I no longer have to guide Caleb, offering up chess tips. He’s got it!

Benefits Of Chess:

  • Helps children build their problem-solving skills
  • Helps with focus and patience
  • There are some studies that link chess-playing to higher IQs
  • Students who play the game are also found to be more creative in life

For more information on Storytime Chess, visit their website.

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