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8 Things To Bring To The Beach If You Have Kids

Sun lovers, let’s talk about things to bring to the beach if you have kids. We all know that a trip to the ocean is a lot different when you have little kids in tow.

Heading out for some waves suddenly takes on an entirely different feel when you have your children with you, right? You seem to always need more… stuff. I think the Sweeney clan has finally gotten it down to a science.

things to bring to the beach

No more struggling to get to our position. No more mental breakdowns in the middle of the heat. Oh no – we hit the beach with a plan in place and it’s a good one. Shade, food, entertainment, organization, and BOOM – relaxation for both parents.

8 Things To Bring To The Beach If You Have Kids

Here are some recent purchases I’ve made to help with my sanity. I want to note that the very first one is my absolute FAVORITE, but everything helps towards an easy breezy day in their own way.

If you are planning a day out in the sun – here are the things you need to bring to the beach to help survive LIFE with kids. 

easygo cabana

EasyGo Cabana

I literally bought this while I was on the beach watching another family USE IT. I was amazed by it and ran right to Amazon to pick one up. However, my Amazon app had it going for over $100!!!

I snagged it brand new on eBay for $68! Grab yours right now. I am so happy with my purchase OMG!

The kids can eat their lunch underneath the cabana or build sandcastles whenever they want to take a break from the sun. I mean… even I sneak under there every now and then!

I want to note that this is my number one on my things to bring to the beach list. I am not joking.

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sunscreen for the beach

Sunscreen Stick

You need to keep reapplying sunscreen on your kids’ faces and they won’t like it. The stick is the least invasive way to do it! Trust me, they won’t argue with you if you have the stick. Just rub while they are eating a piece of fruit and move on. This is an absolute must for our things you need for the beach list. 

Don’t even mention that you are doing it. It’s a non-issue. Sprays and lotions are always a fight waiting to be had in my family, but I won’t mess around with sun care. Too many sunburns lead to issues no one wants to deal with, right?

Beach Toys

Man, don’t even think about going to the beach without a shovel and pail. That is not a joke. And have enough for all your kids and their friends because whoever you are going with is going to forget stuff for their kids.

There won’t be enough and there will BE ISSUES. Just do yourself a favor and grab a few more pails for the road.

Extra Supplies

I used to go to the beach and not really bring too many snacks thinking we could get through the day with just a sandwich. Not anymore. Now, I come with a boat load of supplies. To be honest with you, I have two of these type of mini coolers.

Backpack Cooler Beach Chair

You need things that you can carry on your shoulders so you can have your hands free up to carry other things. I learned this the hard way last week when I was the only one that had to lug a chair 87 miles to the shore with three kids and no husband to help.

My other friends all had backpack chairs and I was totally impressed. Bought one for myself as soon as I caught my breath and now things go much smoother. Things you need for the beach – indeed! 

Looking for the best kids beach chairs? I have you covered.

Bathing Suit Bag

You don’t need to BUY anything specific, but remember to bring a bathing suit bag. It could be a Target plastic bag or a garbage bag for that matter. But you just need something to keep the wet away from the dry when you wrap your day up.

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Waterproof Phone Case

Sand and water and tech – no good. These waterproof phone cases are actually pretty sweet. 

Beach Towel Clamps 

There are few things I hate LESS than when my towel goes awol at the beach. For $8, this problem is solved! You might be thinking that you DON’T need these, but once you start using them… you won’t imagine life without them.

Things to bring to the beach

What items should I take to beach?

Do you have anything you’d like to add to the things to bring to the beach list? Would love to know what you always bring to the beach when you head there with the kids.

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Monday 14th of August 2017

During the summer parents mostly took their kids to beaches. It is is the perfect place to have fun and also relief from hot. But you have to care about their safety. They are fully surrounded by danger. Look after them while they are bathing and care about their health.

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