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5 Easy Time Savers For The Kitchen – Food Hacks That Work

These 5 easy time savers are just the organizational boost I needed to take back control of my kitchen and household. I was living in a state of chaos because I had no system in place and now with these easy tips and tricks, things are moving much smoother. So, I just had to share! 

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5 Easy Time Savers For The Kitchen – Food Hacks That Work

In partnership with Perdue Farms

First and foremost, I started to go food shopping once a week and with a list. I know that sounds insanely easy but I am a creature of habit and did all the wrong things. So, when I went food shopping, I used to just go and buy the same items over and over again. 

Did I need them? Who knew? It was like playing the lotto!

And not only did I buy the same products over and over again, but I would buy TWO of them. I always joke with my kids that I am the NOAH of the grocery aisles. Two of everything. 

So, as I placed my purchases into the pantry, I usually would find that we already had 4 cans of corn and 2 boxes of oatmeal. We hadn’t had a chance to get through everything yet! Calm down, Vera!! 

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Make A Grocery List And Shop Bulk (Double Whammy) 

Nowadays, I usually only shop bulk and I do that once a week. This means that some weeks I am only buying milk, a few breakfast items, and bread. And the next week, I am stocking up on lunch supplies and frozen vegetables. 

A trip can last me two weeks because I am spending less by buying bulk and bringing back more. I’m only spending an allotted amount each week and so I have to be SMART about what I do with that money. Watch the above video to see what I am talking about.

This allows me to save time and to save money. Isn’t it amazing when time savers give you the flexibility to do both?

Bulk Order Your Meats On (Get 15% Off Here) 

This section contains affiliate links. 

I started to bulk order all of my meat from PerdueFarms and it’s pretty sweet. I’m working with the company and can offer you 15% off PLUS plus a free pack of diced chicken. If your order is over $119, it will ship for free in the Continental U.S. Let’s talk more about what happens on this site. 

PerdueFarms offers bundles for families like mine which I LOVE. It takes the thinking out of grocery shopping for the week and provides me with everything I need to feed my littles, but removes the stress. 

Having a game day party? They have a bundle for that. Hosting a small gathering? No problem. They’ve got you covered. Your needs are met with this new service because not only are the “already created packages” GREAT, but you can customize your own as well. 

What Brands Are Included On The Perdue Farms Site?

  • Coleman Natural
  • Niman Ranch
  • Perdue
  • Perdue Harvestland
  • Skagit Red
  • Sonoma Red
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An Example Of One Of My Deliveries:

  •  2 Perdue Whole Cornish Hens
  • 2 14-oz. Niman Ranch Ribeyes
  • 1 Package Coleman Natural Uncured Hickory Smoked Bacon
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Also as a side note, there are also gifting options available online! And remember, if you use my link you will get 15% off their deal. I just love this food hack because I can place two orders a month and be done with all my poultry, pork, and beef needs! 

Recipes You Should Try With All This Food!

In case you haven’t checked out my recipe section on my blog, here are some recipes you can try out after you use this new service:

Food Prep For Three Days

Is this lazy? No. It’s efficient. When I cook something, I make enough to have leftovers for a few days. That way, I don’t have to clean pots and pans every single evening which is a GOOD THING. 

For example, yesterday I made bacon and egg sandwiches for lunch. I could have just cooked 4 eggs and called it a day, right? Instead, I cooked the entire dozen eggs and the complete package of bacon – all in one shot. 

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My husband and I had our normal portions for lunch and then I put everything else in a Tupperware fully knowing that I was going to serve the leftovers up to the kids for breakfast the very next day. If there was anything left from the morning, I would have it for lunch again that afternoon.

I cook ahead to avoid cleaning. This is my only motivation. I am not going to lie to you. 

Now, there are people who FREEZE things and I want to become these women, but I am not there yet. I don’t freeze casseroles or baked zitis and then pull them out a few days later. But we are going to talk about that next because that is a real strategy that people do. 

Freeze Meals For Later 

What to do with all this saved time? When I become someone that makes a baked ziti for Mondy and then also makes an extra one and freezes it for Saturday? I just don’t know what will happen! 

Listen, I am not going to pretend I do this because I don’t. I can tell you how to freeze cookie dough. That is the level of freezer knowledge I have right now which makes me pretty much a college student. But this life is real and I am going to understand it by March! I’ve set a goal. 

freezer meals save time and money

Let me theorize with you – I feel like we should be sitting under a tree right now. People in this world – hear me out – make a casserole for dinner to feed their family and then prep a second one and FREEZE it whole to save it for a later date. Isn’t that genius?

That means when they are good and ready, they just have to whip out their prepped casserole and pop it in the oven. Everything is chopped, mixed, and ready to roll. I want to become her. I will become her. I’m not mentally there yet – but I’m gearing up. 

Start thinking like this – if you make lasagna, prep two! Then seal it really good with saran wrap and aluminum foil. In a week, dinner is served with no extra effort! It is so smart!! Saved time indeed! 

prepped fruit

Prep Fruits And Veggies Before Putting Them Away

My fifth tip is also a really easy way to get your children to eat more fruit and vegetables. Nobody is going to eat fruit if they have to wash and cut it. That’s the truth. 

Fruit FLIES out of my house if the kids see that I have it already prepped for them and I much rather them reach for a bowl of berries than anything else. So, the first thing I do when I bring food home from the grocery store is I clean and cut everything. 

We use bento box lunches for the kids for school. So, I don’t prep snack bags for school... but I have seen people do that as well. You might want to consider doing that if you’d like to shave some time off of your morning routine each day. This just doesn’t work for me because I use the same bento box every day. 

How To Save Time In The Kitchen

Time savers have to be easy and have to work with your typical day. Food hacks that require you to step out of your comfort zone and buy weird gadgets typically don’t last because nobody really uses weird gadgets for long. It’s more about systems than it is about gadgets. 

If you want more save time tips be sure to subscribe to my newsletter below. This year, I am taking back control of my personal life and focusing heavily on helping women in the kitchen and in the organization department. Where they overlap will be my heaviest concentration. 

What will you do with all this saved time? I would love to hear! Do you have any time savers? Leave them in the comments below. 

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