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300+ Christmas Activities For Kids


Today, Caleb officially started his winter break. A few days ahead of his brother and sister – but we will take it.  I love having my little boy home.

I also love being HOME with him. I just returned from a trip down south and it was my first away gig in a long time. In 2016, I think I went away at least once a month. This year, I think I went away TWICE. What a difference, right?

300+ Christmas Activities For Kids

So, I will take the extra days of snuggles and “candy cane kisses.” Lord knows I need them!! Candy cane kisses. 🙂 That’s what we call them. 

He gets a kick out of asking for one too. Squishes his nose right up every time he does as he tries to hold back a smile.

But I’m no fool. Winter break has its ups and downs. The snowball fights will be memorable, but there will also be moments of boredom that will set in for my kids. I can’t do anything about that.

The truth is that I still have to work a little each day. My three will have to fend for themselves each morning until I get through any red alerts or hot fires.

This is why I’ve been searching for some Christmas activities for kids. I figured it’s best to have them on hand and stay prepared for any meltdowns.

If Mama has a conference call, Caleb will have lots of options to help him stay occupied. Guaranteed!

In case you are a work-at-home parent… or a STAY-at-home parent who is looking for some fun ideas to take with them to the break, I put together this list of activities.

300+ Christmas Activities For Kids

Do you have any winter break activity ideas for kids? Leave a link below! Would love to see.

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