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5 Things I Want To Do To My House Right Now

I have some pet projects in mind for my house that have been on hold for quite some time. Life keeps getting in the way. If we didn’t travel so much,  these five things would have probably happened in 2017, but we went to Disney, Spain, Washington DC and made a few trips out East. That all adds up. I get it. I will always take an experience over an object, but BOY do I want to redo my bedroom. Like in a MAJOR way.

I know this will sound funny to you, but I don’t take any photos in my bedroom. Not for work. I refuse to put those images on my blog because I literally hate our bedroom so MUCH. We are in the middle of a transition. A few weeks ago, we painted the walls the new color that I chose but Bill hasn’t swapped out the furniture. More on that in a bit.

Nothing matches.  I also didn’t put anything on my walls because I’m not sure of the layout just yet. That means that every wall is STARK EMPTY.  How strange, right? Feels so barren. But there’s no point in popping in holes if we have to change everything. For now, we wait.

I call it the minimalist look. 🙂

Anyway, here are 5 things that I would love to do to my house. Mama needs to win the lotto! Big time. Not the Hamilton lotto that I enter every single day through their app for absolutely nothing because I have no luck. I’m talking about the MEGA MILLIONS. It’s the only way.

5 Things I Want To Do To My House Right Now

I want all new bedroom furniture. My husband knows this. This is a project we’ve been working on for a while now. He wants to chalk paint our old furniture and I know deep down inside that it’s going to take him 46 months to actually get around to doing that. I’ve been waiting a good three months already. There is a little devil on my shoulder that is telling me to just order what I want and have it delivered to my door, but I think that Bill would ACTUALLY stop talking to me if I did that. Still… it’s just one press of a button. SO EASY. UGH! (I’m shaking the thought off)

Ok, so this is the bed that I want. We have a KING and I would absolutely LOVE IT in white.

I also want new white furniture. Yes, I am looking for a very light looking room. This set is expensive and I am aware of that, but we are going to have it for the next 20 years.  I spend a lot of time in my bedroom. I usually write there while the kids are in school. It’s warmer than the rest of my house and I am someone that is always typically cold. So, since I spend so much time in my bedroom, I think I should really LOVE it. And what I’ve chosen… I LOVE. I could probably get something similar to this from Macy’s Furniture. I just haven’t gone out to look because… you know… Bill is going to chalk paint everything.

You PROBABLY think I am kidding, but I’m not. I LEGIT want a hot tub. My cousins have one and it is so NICE in the winter. I am DYING to get one – like in a major way. Another super expensive purchase though. Almost $10K once you are said and done. WHAT? Stupid, right??? I can’t justify it right now. It doesn’t make sense… but since when do I make sense? I actually trained my children to randomly shout, “Dad!!  Where’s my hot tub?!”

It’s hilarious.

To me.

I also want a built-in closet in my bedroom.  I’m really looking to streamline the feel of my space and think I could get rid of two MASSIVE pieces of furniture if I just replaced it with a clean and simple closet that followed along one of my walls. I know that Bill will never go for this, but it’s still one of my dream projects. I have no idea how much this would cost. I wish Bill knew how to do these things because that would be SUPER COOL.

We’ve had a few people come over for estimates on a sunroom this year and we keep changing our minds. We want to do it… and then we push back because it’s a HUGE cost. But I would LOVE a sunroom right off of my office. We have a perfect spot for it because part of our deck is under our roof. We just need to put up two walls essentially. It’s just… there’s always another reason that needs our cash. One day this will happen. I’m just not sure when.

So, there you have it. Crazy things that I want to do to my house – all currently placed on the backburner. All begging for me to say YES! Maybe next year??? 🙂

What’s one project that you are holding onto? What would you like to get done by the end of next year?

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