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14 Day Love Challenge: The Ultimate Checklist To Loving Your Spouse

Are you looking for a love challenge to take on with your significant other? Want to reconnect in a special way but don’t know how?

I have an easy-to-follow challenge that will light the fire back in your relationship in just 14 days and get you back to loving your spouse. This HIS and HER to-do list is quick and simple and a must-do for couple’s who are looking to bring back some glimmer to their glow! Fireproof your marriage in just two weeks.

love challenge

14 Day Love Challenge: The Ultimate Checklist To Loving Your Spouse

Tackle one of these tasks a day (and in chronological order). Remember, as you progress through the list, be sure to continue to do the prior challenges. It’s all about building up a new, more romantic version of your bond.

Check Your Ego At The Door

When you start this love challenge, remember that it’s all about letting go of the baggage that you’ve been holding onto for the length of your relationship. Aren’t your arms tired? I know mine are.  

Start with an open mind. Start fresh. Start ready to see your husband again for the very first time. Today – let it go. All of it.

This won’t be something that you can physically see. This will be a movement that happens in your mind. All the little arguments that start with “you always…” — they have to stop. Today is a new day.

Stop trying to look for patterns. On the flip side, try to recognize the things you do that frustrate your partner. Be self aware. Work together as a team and move forward.

fireproof your marriage

Say Please And Thank You

Now that you are completely invested into this challenge, I have a habit for you to start. Express gratitude. Sure, it’s a given that your husband drives you to the train everyday for work.

Or… of course your wife will make the lunches for school. But why not say thank you for these tasks? A little gratitude goes a long way. Don’t let anything go unnoticed. Continue this throughout the remainder of the challenge (and hopefully for the rest of your life).

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Schedule three date nights

Today, sit down with your mate and schedule three dates. They all have to happen within the remainder of this timeframe. They could be a quick coffee grab or a dinner and a movie. The choice is yours!

If you can’t get sitters because you have children, then allocate time after they sleep to do something special and outside of the box once they are in bed. This might mean a candlelit glass of wine shared by the fireplace. Make it special!

Text/ check-in with one another

This is something my husband and I don’t do. We never really check in with one another and ask how we are doing. I think it’s important to start this routine. A little note here and there will let your partner know that he /she is on your mind. If a phone call is too much – a quick email will do.

love your spouse challenge

Go to bed together

Do not sleep on different schedules. This is the worst thing to do for a marriage. Get on the same routine. Watch TV together and then shut the lights off and crawl under the covers as a unit.

You don’t want one person to be sound asleep when the other is just winding down. Marriage is about many different things and one will be lacking if this is your “normal”. Get it together and make this one a priority.

Write love notes

They could be short and sweet or they could be a long winded expression of emotion. Sneak in a hand written note in a pocket or purse. Or if you want to get digital – send a text or email. Have fun with it…but be sure to speak from the heart.

Just a small trinket

Here’s your test for the day. Find something that retails for under $10 and that your partner will love. Exchange at the end of the day and explain WHY you bought it. It will be like a mini Christmas. LOVE IT!

couple's massage

Massage time

Unwind. Grab some scented oil and give one another a full body massage. You both deserve it!

Stroll down memory lane

Whip out the vacation books. Have your wedding video? Pop that puppy in! Look back at all the building blocks that made you what you two are today. Remember. 

Rent a movie and watch it in bed

Grab a flick that you two can agree on and get under those covers. I would tell you to pop some popcorn but I am SO AGAINST eating in bed. UGH. Instead, just cuddle and enjoy.

Physically connect

Hug. Love. Kiss. Hold hands. Do not be apart today. No matter what. Especially in public. If you go out to eat, sit next to one another – not across from one another. Stay physically connected. It matters.

Eye contact and no technology

Work matters. I’m not saying it doesn’t. But mark a time in the day where technology has to turn off. All the texting and phone calls and emails and social media — it’s just too accessible!!

From dinner until bedtime, how about unplugging as a couple today? Talk to one another and look into one another’s eyes. The new norm is having a conversation with your partner while looking into your phone. Dreadful! Let’s become human again today. Eye to eye my friends. All day.

set some rules

Set some rules

You’ve done so many things over the past two weeks. Talk about what worked for you as a couple and what you would want to continue to do in your relationship.

Maybe texting all day to check-in felt funny. That’s fine! But those hand written love notes felt so special. Figure out your new plan today and promise to embrace it!


Do something today that you’ve always wanted to do. Take a chance. Go wild. Get risky. Have fun. Make a secret. 🙂

You Are All Done With The Love Challenge!

What do you think about the challenge? Are you up for it? Have any tasks that you’d like to include? Would love to hear from you!

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