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15 Reasons Why I Love My Husband – A Belated Father’s Day Message

There are so many different reasons why I love my husband. We have been through the thick and the thin and have come out on the other side stronger than ever. I wanted to write a post and dedicate it to his for Father’s Day as a little thank you for all the love he pours into this family. I don’t know where I would be without him.

reasons why I love my husband

15 Reasons Why I Love My Husband – A Belated Father’s Day Message

I’ve had this post on my mind for WEEKS – truly! Bill and I have been married for 15 years and I wanted to write out something from the heart to let him know why I think he is such an important part of my life. I love my husband so much – it is the least I can do.

He knows all of these things – at least I hope! But sometimes, it’s really nice to hear them again. Wouldn’t you say? So, here are the top 15 reasons why I love my husband.

amazing father

He is truly an amazing father

This isn’t something you can tell right off the bat. When we were dating in college and making out in our dorm room, I wasn’t thinking about whether or not he would help me make lunches every morning before our kids got on the bus for school. I hit the lotto because Bill is everything you’d want in a supportive father and more.

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He puts up with my crazy

You probably read that and thought, “she probably isn’t that crazy…” but believe me, I am cra-zay. I’m a Scorpio from Queens who is an only child and who has major trust issues.

I lose my marbles and I lose them quite frequently. He deals with it… regularly and he still keeps me around. Very thankful for that.

He forgives me for my mistakes

We are always growing and learning as individuals, but sometimes certain traits are just set in stone. He accepts that about me and remembers that every day is a new day.

He gets me bacon or Starbucks whenever I want them

I mean… need I say more?

He makes me laugh so freaking hard that sometimes I cry

And THAT’S why I married him. I love doing things with Bill because he will always be my number one guy – the man I can do anything with and the one that is going to show me a great time.

He is a foodie

This actually used to annoy me because we always had to take a drive to Brooklyn to try “that new eatery” he read about that serves the best (INSERT YUPPIE TREND HERE). It would K-I-L-L me but I would do it because I knew that he loved it.

I guess after 18 years together, that rubbed off on me as well. We love to go out to eat and find new and interesting restaurants to enjoy. And we love to do it together.

such a good dad

He rocks my world.

I love my husband so much. Period.

He has a little OCD thing where he can’t go to bed without the dishes being cleaned.

At first, this used to annoy the hell out of me and now I’m like… “COOL! The dishes are clean”. I’m praying he starts to get very concerned about the windows.

They need a little TLC and I just don’t have the capacity. I keep mentioning them while he is sleeping but it isn’t working.

He still wants me.

After all this time… with passion and conviction. That man wants me. And that makes me feel pretty amazing on a regular basis.

He’s smart in a worldy sort of way.

He just knows stuff that’s happening around the world. I don’t even know what time my kids are getting out of school today because we have an “end of year” schedule. Not kidding about that one actually.

But Bill… Bill just knows everything. You’ll be talking about something and he can chime in because he’s read an article about it online. It might have something to do with the fact that he spends 3 hours a day in the bathroom… but that’s a different story. That would go under “15 Things I Hate About My Husband”.

He has a great relationship with his parents.

Talks to them a few times a day and that is very abnormal for a man. But it makes me feel good because I know that means our children will do the same to us.

This is also coming from someone who doesn’t speak to her father. So, family is something that is top of mind for me. How will my children be to me as adults?

Will we have a fallout like I did with my father? The answer is a resounding NO BTW… but I do look at Bill and know that he is just added security that my family will be in tact until I am underground.

He doesn’t watch a lot of sports.

Thank you, JESUS! Our Sundays are spent doing other things and I am so THANKFUL for that.

belated birthday wishes

Family is everything to him.

While sometimes I wish that we did more things with friends during the week, I do appreciate that my man is completely satisfied being with just me and the kids. We are his world. I like being someone’s world. There’s a feeling of safety and security in that. See number 11.

He constantly makes fun of me.

You probably read that and scratched your head. But I am not a very serious person and I like when he busts my balls. He can also take it when I throw it… and I throw it like it’s my job.

He supported my job even when it was just a hobby.

Before my blogging career became a full time job, my husband was there helping me when I needed it and bringing in the bacon so I could stay home and try to build out my little empire.

Even though the tides have turned, I have never forgotten those first few years or how much he has done for me and for Lady and the Blog over the last decade in general.

He FINALLY started his own blog – Guy and the Blog – this January. I am so happy for him to have something completely on his own. It has truly been all about supporting my journey for a very long time. It’s his time to shine and I can’t wait to see him soar!


This is a picture of us from college. Someone took a photo of us talking and you can see it – in my eyes. How much I loved him. We started dating in April … so 7 months in I knew. I knew this was my guy. I still look at him the same way. So many moons later. What more can you ask for?

To the man that gave me everything, I say Happy Father’s Day.


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