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What She Wore: The J. Jill Bucket Bag #fashionfriday

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 9.22.43 AM


I had such a fun day in the city with my good friend Tammi (more on that in a bit). We were jumping around midtown taking some shots of New York’s finest and I had to share this shot because it’s actually pretty special to me.

Before I get into the actual story – I want to talk about the FASHION aspect of the post. The BAG!!! I am DYING over my J. Jill Bucket Bag.  It’s just the perfect size. You don’t know how much I have in there – believe me, it’s packed. I had my makeup bag, a huge charger, headphone case, wall charger with wire (yes I always have portable and wall just in case I am near an outlet), business card holder, overstuffed wallet, mini pad and pen and my phone. Boom. With room to spare. Know it. It’s like the Mary Poppins bucket bag. It looks mid-sized but it carries like a tote.

Now onto my little store about where I was standing.

When Bill and I were dating (and then engaged), we were both working in the city but at different buildings. The midpoint was pretty much Rockefeller center. We decided to meet there for lunch every day – even if it was just for 30 minutes. We would sit on the bench and FREEZE during the winters but get through it because we were together. The tourists would surround us. I mean it. We were never alone. People would take pictures constantly and of course they would interrupt us a billion times to take their family photos. And you know what? We never minded. Because we were helping them make memories in our city. I actually enjoyed those moments with him in that spot. It felt like I was helping the world take back a little bit of my home with the man that I loved… in a very chaotic way. 🙂

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