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Winter Essentials For The Entire Family

This winter, make sure your family is stocked up with everything you need to stay warm, fashionable, and cozy. Dick’s Sporting Goods has all of your bases covered and then some. Here’s a look at some of the great finds I picked up this week for each member of my clan.

This post is sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods

child running gear

Whether you have specific sports needs, are in need of new workout gear, looking for some new school digs for the kids, or just shoppping for general pieces you know your kids will love, Dick’s offers such a great balance of style and comfort.

Child Winter Gear Essentials

My little guy took up outdoor running this year and we had to buy him all new gear in order for him to participate. He wasn’t allowed to go to practices wearing his oversized coat and typical sweatpants. And with good reason! Those types of clothes just slow a runner down.

windjacket boy

So, we opted for a few new pieces from DICK’s and now Caleb feels good when out competing for his team. As someone who had NO CLUE about runner’s gear, it was nice to see the website lay it all out for me in an easy-to-digest way.

basketball pants coldgear

His ColdGear leggings are also perfect to wear under his basketball shorts during the weekends. Both winter sports need an extra layer of protection and I am SO HAPPY I have these items on hand for whenever temperatures drop too low on a game day.

Women Workout Essentials

I might not have muscles … yet … but I’m working on them. This year, after turning 44, I finally decided it was time to start exercising.

It’s just been a few weeks and I won’t pretend it’s easy, but lifting weights and power walking have become two of my favorite things to do.

over 40 workout gear

I do most of my exercising at home, especially because it is FREEZING outside and I can’t bring myself to do anything outdoors. For now, it will do.

workout sweatshirts

Considering I JUST started working out, I needed sports bras, leggings, jogging pants, and sweatshirts. One-stop shopping at Dick’s was the solution! I need to go back and get a few more things, but for now, I bought enough to omit any future excuses.

Teen Girl Winter Fashion Essentials

Sometimes my daughter goes to school in her pajamas. I’m not going to lie. So, when I was shopping for winter clothes for my teen, I wanted to make sure to keep comfort in mind.

teen girl fashion

She LIVES in hoodies and won’t wear a sweatshirt unless it has one attached. That’s why I was so happy to find DSG carrying several styles to choose from. Made it really easy for me to grab one I knew she’d like.

fleece sweatpants for her

And of course, I needed to make sure her sweatpants had lots of give. She has to feel like she is still in bed while trying to muster through enough energy to get through math class.

Teen Boy Winter Fashion Essentials

My son has a basic uniform. Sweatshirt, sweatpants, and Nike socks. This isn’t a joke. Even if it’s 15 degrees below zero, he won’t add a jacket to that mix. That’s all Liam wears.

teen boy hoodie

But, at nearly six foot one, I have to shop in the men’s department for this 14-year-old. I keep telling him he isn’t allowed to grow anymore. He’s eating me out of a house and home!!

Order Online And Pick Up Curbside

curbside pickup

Have I mentioned how cold it is in New York? Whenever it’s this brutal, I make sure to use curbside pickup for my shopping orders as much as possible!

All of these clothes were purchased online and then placed in my car when I arrived at DICK’s! It was so easy.

All you have to do is pull up to one of the designated parking spots and let them know through your app (or link available from your email) that you’ve arrived. Someone from inside will come out and place the items right into your CAR. Bliss!

This is the NEW way to shop – let me tell you. There is no turning back once you have this kind of service. Are you ready to give DICK’s a shot this winter?

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