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Welcome To Piston Peak: Tour The National Park


What do you get when you combine elements from Yosemite, Yellowstone and Disney? Piston Peak of course! Today marks the last post of my Planes: Fires and Rescue Fridays!

Welcome To Piston Peak: Tour The National Park

And I have to be honest, I’m a little sad. I had such a fabulous time on that trip. These write ups each week would bring up some great memories. It was a true pleasure.

Welcome To Piston Peak: Tour The National Park

My children have seen this movie TWICE! Once during a Planes: Fire and Rescue preview and then again with my mother because she was interested in watching the story after hearing so much about it from me.


(Toby! Forgive me for your eyes being closed!! I didn’t notice until TODAY)

Disney gave us the chance to sit down with Toby Wilson – art director for Planes: Fire and Rescue. He started camping at a very early age. He got a feeling for the outdoors and nature from the very beginning. It was part of his being – his roots.


Kind of like me, right? What? I can’t help it if I like fake camping. You know? Where I have a place to put down my clutch and position my chair under an air conditioning vent.

 Now, thhhhaaaaatttttt’s what I’m talking about. What’s the WiFi password? Does anyone know it? Anyway – back to the story.

Piston Peak National Park Map


Piston Peak needed detail. It just couldn’t be a forest. No – it had to have landmarks and roads and mountains and valleys. Toby’s job was to ensure this all fell in place and made sense.

The team literally had to map out miles and miles of land. So, they took the best from what they knew (Yosemite and Yellowstone) and added a little Disney flare to make Piston Peak what it is today.

Toby told us some fun facts. Did you know the Grand Fusel Lodge was actually inspired by Yellowstone’s Old Faithfull Inn?! Super cool! So much to the point that the sprinkler system on the ROOF is pretty much in line with what exists today. WOWZERS.

They also had a little fun while naming some other features of Piston Peak. Canopy Dome, Air Attack Base, Anchor Lake – all transportation-related. I mean even the pinecones are part of the master plan.

They are shaped like spark plugs. SPARK PLUGS! While you are at it – be on the lookout for the flowers too. They have car-themed shapes as well.


Ready for a Planes: Fire and Rescue Easter egg?

I know a few but I am only going to give you ONE.

Look out for RVs in the film with a U.S. map on them. Almost ALL of the states are marked off. Well, all but ONE – Oklahoma!! You want to know why? Because the director – Bobs Gannaway is from Oklahoma. Ha! Love it!

Planes: Fire and Rescue is currently in theatres. Be sure to see the film with your kids because it is a movie that everyone will enjoy.

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* Disney invited me to attend the screening for Planes: Fire and Rescue. All transportation and accommodations were provided for by the company.

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