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Is The Veronica Movie On Netflix Scary? My Full Review

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been tagged on Facebook this week about Veronica on Netflix. Everyone knows that I am a horror movie fanatic and this title got a ton of buzz this month. Some were saying that they actually couldn’t finish watching the film. It was SO SCARY that they had to turn it off. WHHHAAATTTT?

You know I was intrigued. LOL!

So, last night after we put the kids to sleep, Bill and I gave Veronica a chance. We just switched to FIOS and now we have Netflix as a channel on our television. Can I tell you what a LIFESAVER that is? Every TV should have that! Anyway, Veronica is based on a true story. I sat down watching the movie with that frame of mind and… I didn’t have to turn off my television.  While I enjoyed the story and some of the actors in it, the hype is truly doing this title a disservice.

Watch the video for my full review.

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