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5 Ways To Update Your Spring 2019 Fashion – Fashion Over 40 Style Tips

Spring is right around the corner and so I thought I would shoot a YouTube video focusing on some fashion over 40 style tips to help you update your spring 2019 Fashion.

Closet Organization Tips

Spring is a transitional season and so it can be a tricky one to master. Whether you are updating your color palette or your hair color, one thing is certain, the flowers aren’t the only things changing.

5 Ways To Update Your Spring 2019 Fashion – Fashion Over 40 Style Tips

Fashion over 40 has a different set of rules. Or does it? I have to be honest with you. I don’t look at my wardrobe any differently now that I am on the other side of this hill. Fit over trend.

Comfortably chic has always been my motto and I am still waving that banner at 41.  With the turn of every season, I just know there are a few small tweaks that have to be made and these style tips simply keep me on the right track. Hopefully, my spring 2019 fashion guide will do the same for you.

Watch this quick video to see what SIX (even though the video is titled five) spring 2019 fashion tips I have to share. Consider the sixth one a bonus! Let’s pretend I didn’t lose track while filming. LOL! I never write things down. I just talk and talk and talk and then I end up with titles that don’t make sense. OY!

If you don’t have time to watch the video (which has a ton of visuals, so I hope that you do), here is a bulleted list of my top spring 2019 fashion tips.

Spring 2019 Fashion Tips:

  1. Swap out colors from blacks and greys to pastels, bolds, and beige.
  2. When getting manicures, consider asking for a white gel or even a french manicure. Anything bright works, too!
  3. Whip out the wedges and open-toed heels. It’s time.
  4. It’s still a season that requires layering – but the material will change. Replace wool with more breathable fabrics.
  5. Turn to nature for color inspiration. A great style tip is to look outside!
  6. You can absolutely wear the bright yellow blazer! But pair it with a neutral outfit.
  7. Spring calls for shortening hems. Ditch the regular lengths and go for ankle length, then 3/4 … keep moving up until summer hits.
  8. Go lighter the next time you visit the hair salon. Or better yet, try a new color entirely! It’s a new season! A new day. A new you.

For more details about my spring 2019 fashion tips, be sure to watch my Style Tips video. Would love to have you subscribe to my channel as well if you are someone who loves YouTube. And if you are a movie fan, I have a secondary YouTube channel you should check out.

Do you have any fashion tips that you’d like to share? How do you define fashion over 40? Would love to hear!

Next up, tackle your closet organization project.

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