What To Wear On A Date: High And Low Fashion

Are you planning on heading out for some quality time with your significant other? If so, you know one thing is true. What to wear on a date is critical – especially if it’s been a while since you’ve hit the town together. I have to be honest, with three children… getting out isn’t easy. No matter how much I promise myself that a movie date night has to make it onto our calendar at least once a month, it doesn’t always happen. So, when we finally land that babysitter and head out our front door, I need to make sure I look and feel my best.

Which means shopping – naturally.

Ok, not always. But I do like to plan ahead and try to play around with concepts that I can bring to my closet to try to replicate. I want to give you some ideas so when you start to think about what to wear on a date, you’ll be prepared with on-trend ideas.

Here are my two different scenarios – dates during the day and during the night. Simple enough, right? Well, that’s how I decided to split out this post. During the day, we’ll focus on pieces that can transition from a curbside cafe to a supermarket to Target. You know… real life. On the other hand, the evening attire will strictly hone in on nightlife fun.

What To Wear On A Date – Day Looks (Dresses)

For this section, I focused on dresses that were free-flowing and floral (mostly). Since we are in spring and headed straight into summer, I thought wicker and beige tones worked best for the season. Though, you could truly go in any direction! That’s really just my personal style preference. If you want to get a bit bolder – go for it! If you are more of a muted pastel kind of girl, I won’t stop you. Spring is such a fun season because anything goes. It just has to feel light and airy and that can be done with the fabrics.

What To Wear On A Date – Day Looks (Jeans)

Ok, folks. Warning. These pieces are a bit on the pricey side. So, use these options as a reference point to style items that you already own. Off the shoulder looks with ripped jeans. Finish off the outfit with a great bag. You know you have one (or four). When it comes to this type of style, you can literally put on any shoe. Want to wear a sneaker or a heel? They both work! Have fun or glam it up. The choice is yours.

What To Wear On A Date – Night Looks

Oh my goodness – I just found so many incredible dresses. I am so excited! Take a look through this entire carousel. I cannot get over this selection. I actually had to stop myself from adding more!! I think I provided a wide range of color and style to get you through a decade. You can head to a black tie or you can make a splash at a 50th anniversary party. Why choose? I’m someone that likes to buy dresses ahead of events. I get them even before I know WHY I need to because the WORST feeling in the world is rushing to purchase something like a dress. It’s such a specific fit. I hate having to force myself into a cut due to time contstraints. I’m actually going to get a few of these to see how they feel on because I am sure I will have somewhere to go soon enough.

Well, what do you think about these options? What are your thoughts on what to wear on a date? For more fashion finds, be sure to visit my style section.

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