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Fall Fashion Outfit Inspiration Ideas

I’m shopping for Fall and looking for some key pieces that I can use over and over again. The colors have to be seasonal, of course. Rich and deep tones – think rusts, natural hues and anything from the Earth. I am very NEUTRAL as it is… so this is my element. LITERALLY.  Fall is […]

Summer Fun Must Haves: Style And Beauty Picks

Today is August 1st and I know what you are thinking – summer is almost over. You better not be thinking that, people!! We still have several weeks left of this glorious weather and I plan on making the best of it. I spent some time picking out a few great style and beauty goodies to […]

TJ MAXX Shopping Haul: Something For Everyone

TJ MAXX Shopping Haul: Something For Everyone

I haven’t been to a TJ Maxx in a while. I’m just being honest with you. Life gets in the way and sometimes you get into a groove that pushes you away from some of your old time favorites. I think it’s been a good 6 months since I’ve stepped foot inside one of their […]