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6 Benefits To Owning One Of The Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds

Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds offer so much more than a night of great sleep. Gently warmed foot region, adjustable mattress positions, technology that constantly works to ensure your comfort level remains intact, I’ve never slept better! The SleepIQ app even monitors and tracks your progress all along the way. This isn’t your grandmother’s mattress!

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Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds

I had the chance to review the New Flextop King i10 360 Smart Bed and have so much to say about what this powerhouse mattress has to offer. If you are in the market for an upgrade, here are the top benefits I experienced while switching over to Sleep Number.

6 Benefits To Owning One Of The Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds


The Sleep IQ App

It’s funny because you think that you have an understanding of your quality of sleep… until you actually start monitoring it. With the SleepIQ app and the technology that is built within the Sleep Number 360® smart beds, you can track just how soundly you slept the night before.

As a numbers girl, I love to monitor this! It helps me get a better understanding of my day, habits I need to address, and figure out what I should work on in order to better my “score”. I wouldn’t be able to do this without my Flextop King i10 360 Smart Bed.

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For example, am I having too much caffeine? Am I drinking too much water after dinner? When you realize that you’ve woken up twice in the night to go to the bathroom, you can see why you feel so utterly exhausted in the morning. Knowledge is power!

Your SleepIQ® score really equips you with a wide array of information – including your breathing rate, your heart rate, and how often you shift around during the night. Use this information to determine the true cause of your unrest.

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Adjustable Comfort

An absolute dream! Picture it – you are lying in bed and decide to watch a bit of television. One-click of a button pushes your head up to the perfect angle. Your husband joins you and he decides that his feet are killing him! So, he raises the bottom of the bed to get a little extra comfort from a hard day of work.

This is what we’ve been living like! I feel like I am on a cruise. LOL!

Even more so, let’s talk about the actual mattress and the firmness levels. Did you know that you and your significant other do not have to have the same firmness level?

If you like a firm mattress and he likes a soft one… that’s ok. That’s literally how the Sleep Number 360 smart beds are designed. You choose your number and he can choose his.

And then, if you ever want to change it… you can! Nothing is set in stone. You can adjust it through the app while you are lying down.

We’ve settled on our two numbers, but in a year or so… who knows? I might end up wanting a firmer mattress and thank goodness I have something that will adjust with me. Typically, older mattresses just get softer, but not the Sleep Number 360 smart beds. They can get HARDER if you desire.

Heated Foot Area

My husband jokes with me that I am always cold – even in the summer. And I guess it’s not really a joke, because it’s true. Listen, I have an autoimmune disease and one of the side effects to that is being cold. I can’t help it.

My i10 mattress has the ability to warm up my feet (low, medium, or high) and honestly, I’ve used it every single night. Every. Single. Night. I love it so hard.

It isn’t even winter yet. I almost can’t wait for it to be winter so I can see how cozy and special and spectacular that feature will feel on my frozen little piglets. This is magic.

sleep number mattress review

Senses Your Movements And Responds

Here is another pretty nifty things about this mattress. Let’s say I’m tossing and turning all night. Obviously, there might be moments where the mattress will change shape. Well, Sleep Number wants to make sure that you stay the same way the entire night.

So, as the mattress senses your movements, it will respond and adjust accordingly. If you toss and turn, it will assume that you are uncomfortable and make sure that your Sleep Number remains intact. If you are a 45, then no matter which way you move, the mattress wants to make sure that it stays a 45. I love that!

light under bed

If you are light sleeper, you can turn this feature off right in the app. I know plenty of people who would not want the mattress adjusting during the night and that is fine, too. It does NOT have to happen. One swipe of your finger will turn this feature off.

Lights On The Bottom Of The Bed

I have three children and one of them still sleeps with us… a lot. He is our last child. It is what it is. Whenever he sleeps with us, we put on the light on the bottom of the bed. He loves a nightlight and the ones that are built into the Sleep Number are fantastic!

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Does Your Partner Snore?

Oh my goodness – get ready for this! If you have a partner that snores, and they don’t like to admit that they do and you don’t want to push them over onto their side, you can take care of the noise through the use of your phone app.

Bill snores. Yes, I will admit that! Not every night and not all year long… just when he has a stuffy nose or when he is over a certain amount of weight.

Now, whenever I hear him playing a symphony at night, I grab my phone and raise his head a few inches. Just a bit. That’s all I need to do and he STOPS. The adjustment opens up his airways enough to end the snoring which allows me to get some rest. BLISS!

Are You Ready To Make A Change?

If you are ready to make an upgrade in the mattress department, head on over to Sleep Number and figure out which mattress is right for you!

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