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Philips Avent + Sarah Chalke- Bottles That Are Just Like Mom


Sarah Chalke partnered with Philips Avent to dish on all things motherhood. The Scrubs alum has two little ones and uses Philips Avent for her baby because it’s simply the best for her. She talked about her journey with motherhood.

Philips Avent is known for their baby bottles and breast pumps. They are a leader in comfort items for baby and mom. I found out that they are also the makers of that green pacifier that are used in most hospitals. My son spent the first week in the NICU so we depended on those pacifiers for comfort when we weren’t around. They were amazing.


 Sarah talked about the difference between her first and second babies and her approach to them. “What was I relaxed about….I was worried about everything. I wanted to do it right.

I was so concerned about germs with my first,” she said, “And then they get older and you see them dragging their tongue down the banister at the airport. With my first, I was most concerned with the feeding. You just want it to go well. You realize after you have a kid as long as they are eating and gaining it doesn’t matter how you get there. Philips really supports that.”


Philips Avent baby products

Philips’ bottles are the most uncomplicated bottles for babies on the market. They provide a nipple that closely mimics that of a mother’s nipple without a ton of little parts. Having a bottle that is easier to clean not only saves valuable time and energy, it’s also much easier to travel with. 

The bottles have a new one-piece anti-colic system that has an innovative valve integrated into the nipple to vent air into the bottle and not baby’s tummy. They have only 3 pieces to clean. I love that the tops are interchangeable with all Philips Avent feeding products.

They’re also BPA-free, dishwasher and microwave safe and available in 4 oz., 9 oz., and 11 oz. sizes. Even though these are dishwasher safe, it’s good to note that studies have shown that families that hand-wash their dishes have fewer allergies. The Natural Bottle has a wide breast-like shape at the nipple so it feels just like mom. This bottles also comes in glass.


As a side note, bottles should be replaced with each baby so Philips makes it super easy to get the most use out of your bottles. You can snag them at Babies R Us and Walmart. 

For more information on Philips Avent bottles, click here.


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