Perdue Organic Chicken Bundle $49.99 – Order It Online Today!

Perdue Organic Chicken is a household staple in my house. So, when I find a great deal online, I jump at the chance to order and stock up. Today, their site is offering a bundle you cannot pass up. (68) 4-0z servings of protein for less than $.75 a serving. Talk about savings!

Perdue Organic Chicken

Perdue Organic Chicken Bundle $49.99 – Order It Online Today!

This heavily-discounted, ORGANIC bundle is not to be missed. If you were to price out this package individually, it would cost $121.

You don’t have to worry about clipping coupons or checking circulars for a great deal. No driving to the market or waiting on long lines at the big box stores! Just click and save with Perdue Farms. YEOW! Have I said Perdue Organic Chicken? ORGANIC! I am super excited.

Think about it: All that organic chicken, plus a few more premium products, is more than enough to fill the freezer for meal planning.

If you are curious about what to make with all of that Perdue Organic Chicken, here are a few options:

If you’d like to qualify for free shipping, make sure that your order meets the $119 minimum that the site requires.

Why Organic? Why Perdue Farms?

I started working with Perdue Farms late last year and had the chance to visit the family, the farms, and see how everything worked behind the curtain.

perdue chicken

Perdue Farms is a big company that is comprised of small farms. If you’d like to read up about my experience on all those chicken farms, please do! Everything in this bundle is sourced from small family farms across the U.S., where chickens are raised to meet Perdue Farms’ high standards, including:

  • USDA certified organic
  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • Raised cage free
  • All vegetarian feed
  • No animal by-products
  • No hormones or steroids added*

*Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones or steroids in pork and poultry.

The farmers I met truly cared about their animals. One story after the next absolutely warmed my heart. As a city girl, I have to admit that I never even THOUGHT about where my food came from and THAT is the honest truth. It just wasn’t a priority. I was more worried about whether or not the N-line was running on time than what farm my chicken cutlets came from????

Perdue Farms

But the last few months with Perdue Farms opened my eyes and helped me understand that I shouldn’t take for granted these important factors. I am so thankful that my husband and I spent time with the Perdue Farms families because we now understand the process and feel good about it.

The people responsible for these Perdue chicken breasts and all other products under their company’s umbrella are all true proponents of animal care and welfare. Food just doesn’t show up in aisle 8. Although it’s easier to think that way sometimes. 🙂

Stock Up And Save!

Listen, I am a huge couponer. I’m not going to lie. I used to teach people on YouTube how to save money using coupons for YEARS. It was a huge passion for me. Life got in the way and I stopped, but the need to save never left my body. Nowadays, I have a small Facebook group where I post a few great deals a day because it’s more manageable.

But the thought is still the same. Find a great score and jump on it. I am telling you that this is a GREAT DEAL.

Get Your Perdue Farms Bundle Today!

Order Online at Perdue Farms

You can enjoy 68 servings in this ONE bundle (4 ounce servings). That’s less than $.75 a serving for Organic Perdue chicken OMG. People – this is it! Click here to order your bundle today.

If you are an organic chicken household, you know this is an amazing deal. Even if you aren’t this is a great deal for chicken! And it will get delivered to your home. Stock up and check something off your list. One less thing to worry about.

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