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Prosacea Is The Rosacea Skin Care Treatment We’ve All Been Waiting For

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Prosacea for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve been looking for a rosacea skin care treatment to help with the redness on my face for the last twenty years and found one that is worth sharing with friends.  Prosacea ® can help symptoms like redness, pimples, and irritation that tend to flare during the harsh winter months. If you are looking for a topical treatment for rosacea, you’ve found it. 

Prosacea Is The Rosacea Skin Care Treatment We’ve All Been Waiting For

rosacea skin care treatment

There are many different facets that go into a beauty routine that will result in clear skin – especially if you suffer from rosacea and I am here to help you figure out what will work best for people who especially have sensitive skin. 

This post is particularly important for me to write because I have been dealing with this beauty issue since I was in high school. As a young girl, I didn’t know what to do to combat the redness in my face except to cover it up with foundation. Today, we have so many different options – including combating the rosacea symptoms head-on.

rosacea skin care treatment

Rosacea Symptoms

As I mentioned earlier, Prosacea® Medicated Gel reduces rosacea symptoms – including facial redness, pimples, and irritation. This trifecta is actually pretty common in individuals suffering from this skin disease.

The rosacea symptoms will tend to flare up depending on what you eat or drink on a regular basis. That’s why it’s important to start to keep a journal of the foods you consume for about a month and reassess what your skin does each day during this time. 

topical treatment for rosacea

I was able to learn that my sensitive skin does not like it when I eat too many preservatives or sulfites – which means no wine for me! Red tomato sauce was also a huge trigger personally for my skin. Other known food triggers include:

  • sugar and flour
  • processed food
  • fried food
  • carbonated drinks
  • artificial sweeteners

But food and drink are not the only things that can cause your rosacea symptoms to pick up. In fact, extreme temperature changes, stress, vigorous exercises, and some medications can also bring on facial redness and pimples. So, it’s really important to be aware of these triggers and to avoid at all costs. 

However, if we are all being honest, life gets in the way. How can you avoid … a harsh winter? Sometimes it’s just not possible. That’s why it’s important to seek out products for rosacea treatment

products for rosacea

How To Treat Rosacea

Prosacea can be used alone, under moisturizer, or under makeup to help treat and heal your redness. I love this about the rosacea medication because sometimes I don’t feel like wearing makeup and other times I want to have a full face on. But no matter what, I need to make sure I am taking care of my red face

Prosacea is unique compared to many other over-the-counter rosacea options as it actually helps heal the symptoms of rosacea versus just covering the symptoms through tints and concealers. Long gone are the days of the cover up! 

Best Cream For Rosacea

Best Gel For Rosacea

Now that I have tweens and teens of my own, I am very aware of their skin care needs. We constantly stay on top of their morning and nighttime routine and I make sure they watch what they eat as I know it will “show on their face” the very next day.

This is education I did not have as a child and they are so thankful for me taking such an active role in their lives. I’ve shown them the power of Prosacea by showing them how well it works on my personal skin.

Another reason why we’ve already started to discuss the concept of Prosacea is that they’ve inherited my red face and while sensitive skin is not the worst thing to have, it is something that we need to monitor. Thankfully, Prosacea is gentle enough for everyday use – something that is very important for someone like me as well. 

Rosacea Home Treatment

Prosacea® Medicated Gel is unique because it doesn’t just cover up the redness and rosacea symptoms but helps heal. It is also fast-absorbing and lightweight which I LOVE because I typically apply it under my moisturizer and my makeup. I am someone who applies several layers a day. 

Rosacea Home Treatment

You don’t have to go to the dermatologist anymore to combat rosacea thanks to the advancements in beauty and skincare. There are rosacea home treatment gels that you can use that will help you achieve healthier-looking skin and soothe redness/rosacea symptoms.

For more information about Prosacea and how you can deal with your facial redness, be sure to visit 

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