Paint By Stickers Books: A New Way For Kids And Adults To Enjoy Making Art

Paint By Stickers Books are a great way for children to express a little guided creativity while having a ton of fun. Therapeutic, calming, enjoyable, and made for every age!

We had so much fun last night playing with these sticker art books. As soon as I saw them, I knew that they would be a hit!

Paint By Stickers books

Paint By Stickers: A New Way For Kids And Adults To Enjoy Making Art

We had two different options to test out – Paint By Sticker: Masterpieces and Paint By Sticker Kids: Zoo Animals are SUPER FUN!!! The best way to describe this concept is to tell you to think about painting by numbers… but with stickers.

How Do Paint By Stickers Work?

First, you find the sticker you want to use and then you match the number to the corresponding space. Paint By Stickers Books work as simply as that!

Piece by piece, shape by shape. You take your time and with a little effort you end up creating such beautiful art. The best part? You can stop and go as you please. No mess to clean up like with painting. These books travel beautifully! It truly is a great concept.

kids playing with paint with stickers

There are so many different works of art to choose from – and each of them will start a conversation. After you put together the pieces, you can encourage your child to do a little research on the original and the artist that created the masterpiece.

I mean – what a great organic way to get children interested in ART!! And not for nothing, but I totally enjoyed working on this collection as well. These books are for tweens, teens and adults alike. Relaxing. Rewarding. Stunning.

sticker books for painting

What Kind Of Sticker Books Are Available?

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Here is a look at a simple sampling of what kind of Paint By Stickers Books that are available on the market today.

A completed view of one of the Paint by Stickers books pages.

It’s easy enough to follow, too. You won’t need any adult supervision for your tweens or teens. Simply, follow the number patterns and enjoy the results. Shut the TV off and pull out one of these books instead.

Everyone will thank you. We’ve all seen that cartoon episode a thousand times anyway, right?

My daughter loves her Paint by Stickers books.

My daughter is OBSESSED with these books. Even as I write this post, she is working on another masterpiece. Super cute.

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