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Is It a Good Idea to Run Five Miles a Day?

Running is a habit that can incredibly transform you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Are you on a quest to take back control of your health? Creating a workout routine that includes regularly running for five miles is an excellent way to build up strength and stay in optimum shape.

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A consistent health plan requires intensive activity. Running for five miles three to four days a week is a simple way to meet your goals. What’s more, you will end up reaping irrefutable health benefits much later in life.

Running for five miles a day is a good idea, but it comes with some strings attached. Without proper physical preparation, you may encounter challenges that may leave you in a bad spot. 

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Running Five Miles a Day Transformation

People take up running as a pass time activity, to stay fit or to lose weight. However, running five miles a day has numerous other transformational benefits including:

  • building bone and muscle strength.
  • burning fat and reduce cholesterol levels.
  • improving cardiovascular health.
  • maintaining fitness and keep your weight in check.

Contrary to many people’s opinions, one shouldn’t only take running seriously when they want to lose weight. Working out helps clear the mind and reduces stress and anxiety. So, it’s worth getting out there to hit the pavement for your mental state, as well.

How to Run 5 Miles Without Stopping

Don’t wake up one day and decide to run for five miles nonstop. Actually, you wouldn’t be able to do it even if you wanted to. Our bodies aren’t designed to be able to take on such feats without proper training.

Lack of prior preparation will set you up for severe injury and irreversible health issues. If your goal is to run for five miles without stopping, here are some tips to help get you started.

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Draft a Training Schedule

Start small and gradually build up your training. If you are new to running, consider running or walking for at least one mile a day for a week. If your vitals show no signs of tension or restraint, you can increase your training accordingly.

If you think you would benefit from some hand-holding, consider free running apps that offer daily pacing guidance. These tools will keep you on track and stress-free:

  • Map My Run
  • Run Keeper
  • C25K 5K Trainer
  • Nike Run Club

Go Easy on Yourself

No need to time yourself the first week. But, as you progress, adopt a training schedule that slowly builds your pace. 

Here, if you run at a slow pace, you are likely to cover more distance. If you cannot speak in complete sentences as you are running, then you are running too fast. Should you feel like you are getting out of breath, slow down to walking speed.

The goal here is to get your body used to this new activity before it can adjust itself to accommodate your need to train harder and run further. 

Escape Stomach Stitches

New runners often contend with side or stomach stitches which can deter one from running. A stitch manifests as a sharp pain right below the left rib cage. Side stitches happen when there’s poor blood supply to the diaphragm, because of distress on the stomach and liver ligaments or due to shallow breathing.  

To avoid getting stitches, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

Maintain Good Posture

As is the case with sitting, running in the wrong posture, is guaranteed to birth several health issues. The best running posture asks that you pull your shoulders back to accommodate efficient breathing when running. If you lean forward, you’ll find it super hard to breathe as your lungs will be constricted.

Wisely Maneuver the Hills

The key to running up a hill is to try hard as you can not to exhaust yourself. Most runners take the ‘get it over with’ approach and increase their pace when running up a hill. This is why when you finally get to the top, you barely have any strength left to run further. 

If you want to keep running long after going up a hill, swing your arms harder. This preserves your energy and pushes you forward allowing you to cover more ground.

Use your Hands to Propel You Forward

Always keep your arms angled at 90 degrees when running. As you pull the left hand back, push the right hand forward. It’s a seemingly simple movement that when done correctly can transform your running from basic to pro. Running the right way saves you save plenty of energy. Proper arm movement lightens the load on your legs and propels you farther forward.

Strong Mental Focus

From the moment you start running to the moment you close in on the five-mile target, there’s an inner voice that keeps telling you to stop. It’s easy to give in to self-pity. However, the only way to meet your weight and fitness goals is by running five miles every day.

Win this mental battle by distracting yourself. Play some motivating music during your run, think of pleasant experiences, play mind games with yourself or recite running mantras that keep you on the move.

Running with others is also a good way to maintain your pace and avoid giving up.

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Will I lose weight running 5 miles a day?

Running boasts a top position as the best way to burn calories compared to all other fitness exercises. One-pound equals 3,500 calories. One way of burning calories is by dieting. However, running can help with the process.

The average human system burns 100 calories per mile. Running five miles a day, therefore, burns 500 calories. So, in theory, if you run consistently and watch what you eat, you will lose weight faster than if you didn’t run at all.

How Long Would it Take to Run Five Miles a Day?

Everyone runs at their own pace. Remember, this is neither a race nor a marathon but a long-distance run. Generally, a newbie runner takes around 12 minutes to cover one mile. It would therefore take around an hour to cover five miles every day.

For a trained athlete or someone who’s very fit, running one mile takes 7 to 8 minutes. It, therefore, takes about 35 minutes to run five miles assuming the pace remains constant.

Final Thoughts

Running makes you super hungry. If you overindulge, you may realize little to no change in weight even if you run five miles a day. Watch what you eat. Take healthy snacks and adopt a healthy, organic diet. This keeps you on the safe side, keeping your health in check and your body in tip-top shape.

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