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How To Get On Family Feud – Q&A With A Family That Won $20,000

Have you ever wanted to try out for a TV game show or particularly learn how to get on Family Feud? If I’m being honest with you, I absolutely think about this all the time. There isn’t a show that I’ve watched over the last few decades that I didn’t want to audition for and WIN! Press Your Luck, $25,000 Pyramid, Cash Cab… I mean come on!!

How to get on Family Feud

How To Get On Family Feud? Q&A With A Family That Won $20,000

So many options  – one more entertaining than the next. But there is a particular game show that I think takes the cake. If you are looking for something everyone in your household can enjoy, well, then it’s Family Feud! Have you ever wondered how to get on Family Feud? Me too!

I can’t just watch it… I dream about being on it! Do you sit around the couch with your children and imagine how fun it would be to compete on-air for real money in front of the nation? Well, what are you waiting for?

This year, one of my very best friends made it onto Family Feud with her sisters and their husbands and they had the time of their lives. I absolutely enjoyed rooting them from the sidelines and thought it would be interesting to share a quick interview I did with Kim – my GIRL –  who offered up the full scoop.

So, how DO YOU get on Family Feud? What is the auditioning process like? How many people can you bring to the interview with you? Here is everything you want to know and more!

Family Feud Application Process

How did you apply to get on Family Feud?

I saw a posting on a friend’s News Feed on Facebook last September announcing auditions in Connecticut the next month. We sent in an application describing our family and what makes us special. Soon after we received the good news that we were invited to audition.

Did you have to pay any fees?

Nope, no fees!

How did you decide what family members would participate?

My sisters and I have talked about this since we were children, so we knew it would definitely be the three of us. We’ve always talked about who else would fill the other two spots. It’s rotated over the years from our parents, grandparents, and now husbands. We were allowed to have six people audition, so we decided to take all three of our husbands.

Kimberly McFarland Family FeudFamily Feud Audition Process – How To Get On Family Feud?

Tell us about the tryouts.

It was a regional audition with over 450 other families attending. We were divided up into rooms that held about 80 families. Each family was paired up with another family to play two rounds of the game. One round you had to play, and one round you had to pass. After that, they decided if you would stick around for the next audition round, or if you were done for the day.

The next round is kind of top-secret, but I’ll just say that it was fun!

When did you find out you were going to be on The Feud?

A month later, we received a postcard telling us we were in the contestant pool. Another month later we heard from them that they were interested in us coming to LA for the taping, and then three months later we got the official phone call to select the date that we could all make it.

Family Feud family talking on set

If you auditioned with six people, how did you then decide which five would go to LA?

The producers were the ultimate decision makers. One of my brothers-in-law was cut, but he was still happy for the rest of us. We are actually happy the producers decided so we didn’t have to draw straws ourselves.

How long were the days?

Very long. You are at the studio lot for the taping the entire day, close to 12 hours. But the producers and crew treat you great and keep you fed and hydrated.

Do they make you coordinate your outfits?

They did not require that we coordinate outfits, but did suggest it. Plus, we watched a lot of Family Feud and noticed that the best-looking families have great coordination with their outfits. We put a lot blood, sweat, and tears into outfit selection!

How To Get On Family Feud? Q&A With A $20,000 Winning Family
Do the competing families spend time together?

Yes, all the families gather together early in the morning for orientation. We all spend the day together waiting to find out which family will be next to play Family Feud!

Do you still keep in touch with the families you competed against?

One of the families that we played against, The Browns, we spent the most time with and became very friendly with. They were on a hot streak and we were very intimidated by them. They are a lovely family from Arkansas and we all connected via social media after and have stayed in touch. We do hope to visit with them one day if we travel there or they ever come to NYC.

How long was your shoot on the day you actually made it on air?

The show is 22 minutes long, but the episode tapes for over an hour. Steve Harvey is a gentleman and very sincere. He spends a lot of time getting to know the contestants and is so much fun to be around. He even spent a lot of time talking to the audience. There’s a lot of quality put into the taping of each episode.

How To Get On Family Feud? Q&A With A $20,000 Winning Family

How long were you waiting backstage before they called you?

They tape more than one episode a day, we had a long time to wait until it was our turn.

How did you prepare for the show?

We watched a lot more Family Feud than normal and got together as a group to play the board game so we could get our minds warmed up and ready!

Any advice for families that want to get on Family Feud?

Apply! Tell your family story! Be yourself!

If you could go back and do something different, what would it be?

Answering that last question differently 😉

Sharing The News With People You Love

How did you tell your family and friends about your win?

Before the taping, we had to sign a contract agreeing that we would not reveal the outcome of the game to anyone until it aired. And we took it seriously. Plus, we knew it would be more fun for everyone to see it unfold on air.

My brother-in-law that got cut didn’t even know if we won or lost. My mother’s boyfriend came to LA for the taping but wasn’t in the studio audience, and we didn’t even tell him. Instead, we had a big viewing party at a local bar/restaurant and invited all of our family and friends. We had over 100 people there, and it was exciting for everyone to watch it together.

Hearing everyone root for us, and the yelling, screaming, and jumping up and down when we won is a memory I will never forget. It made it all that more special to share with everyone that lived out their Family Feud dreams through us.

How To Get On Family Feud? Q&A With A $20,000 Winning Family
What’s the best thing that came out of your Family Feud experience?

No doubt, sharing this experience with my family was the best bonding thing to come out of being on The Family Feud. At a time in our lives where we are all running around constantly for work, the kids, and other obligations it was nice to put it all aside to spend time together living out a childhood dream. And not only the five of us, but including our mother, children and in-laws in the journey as well. It was a complete family bonding experience for us all.

I just LOVE that my friend made it onto Family Feud! Is this something you’d like to try to do. I’ve always wanted to audition for Family Feud and now I think that I am SERIOUSLY going to do it. Dream big!

It’s POSSIBLE to get picked! It’s POSSIBLE to win. And you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun! I mean – I’ve always wondered how to get on Family Feud and now I KNOW.

How To Get On Family Feud? Q&A With A Family That Won $20,000

Be sure to be on the lookout for audition calls from Family Feud. Check their website often and like their Facebook page. Good luck!

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