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How I Finally Beat Adult Acne

I want to share with you how I finally beat adult acne because this ride has been a TEST. Last night, my daughter met a friend. Her first zit. It was bound to happen. She’s in the 6th grade after all! We’ve all been there and we all know the bumpy road that lies ahead for our youth. Pun intended.

How I Finally Beat Adult Acne

Natalie was a little (okay a LOT) upset about the new addition and she was asking me how she should deal with the blemish. I began to give her some suggestions and then in the middle of my long-winded answer, she shrugged me off and said, “Why am I even asking you? You don’t have any acne.”

I don’t have any acne?!?!?!?

adult woman without acne

I’ve been plagued with acne my entire life. In fact – I am part of that small percentage of the adult population that continued to have acne well into the later parts of their lives. I live and breathe acne. I KNOW acne.

Acne is my plague. It’s all I worry about. Every move I make, I keep acne in the back of my head. So, when she said that to me… it stopped me in my tracks.

When was the last time I thought about pimples? When was the last time I really had a full breakout on my face? I couldn’t remember.

I had done it. I found the magic formula. I finally beat adult acne. Thank goodness since I am turning 40 next year. It only took 4 decades, folks!!! I don’t care – the journey was worth it.

When my daughter went to sleep, I walked over to my bathroom mirror and I looked at my face for the very first time under this brand new light and you know what I did? I cried. I freaking cried.

How I finally beat adult acne

How I Finally Beat Adult Acne

I was clear-skinned. I hadn’t noticed because it was a slow transition and it was something that didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen.

I know there are many people out there who suffer from adult acne. I empathize! Here is what I did over the last few months to FINALLY say goodbye to pimples for good.

I cannot say which of these was the EXACT cause. All I can tell you is that I did ALL of below and together they are magic.

Yes to Tomatoes Blemish Wipes

Yes to Tomatoes Blemish Wipes – I was reading an article a few months back about some fashion designer or maybe it was a stylist (who knows). She was talking about some of her favorite beauty finds and this was one of her picks.

I had never thought to consider the line because of the name. How terrible am I? I actually met the founder of the company at a panel in NYC over the summer and he softened me up BIG time. His entrepreneurial story was absolutely inspiring and uplifting (look it up – Ido Leffler).

After hearing him speak for a few hours, it made me change the way I handled my weekends with my family. Unplugged and blissful all thanks to Ido! Anyway, back to the product!!

 I used to use other wipes that I was certainly happy with as far as the CLEANING was concerned. However, they didn’t do anything for my acne. So, I made the switch and gave the Yes to Tomatoes Wipes a chance.

acne free adult woman

I’ve seen positive results. Here’s my tip when using wipes: Go above your hairline when using them. I don’t wash my hair every single day. I don’t think many women do.

So, I have to make sure that any grease created by my hair follicles won’t have the chance to come down to my forehead or creep onto the side of my face. Go just a bit deeper during your last swipe around. It helps – trust me!

Proactiv +

Proactiv + : I began to religious use Proactiv. Truthfully, I really just use the morning and night cream. The rest I sort of throw in whenever I remember it.

But I KNOW that this stuff works and I’m not sure I am going to ever stop using it. I might be 80 and still putting this cream on my skin. Magic in a can… err… I mean tube.

Included in this mix is an exfoliator — do it 3x a week or whenever you remember. If you have rosacea (like me) avoid the area around your nose. The red will only get worse if you use anything that is harsh and beaded.  

For people with rosacea (you are my people, by the way), you need to find an exfoliator with salicylic acid.  Again – I just use the Proactiv+ stuff and avoid the red area of my face. Or I go really lightly around it twice a month.

Sulfur Masks For Acne Prone Skin

Mario Badescu Mario Badescu Keratoplast Cream Soap: What a mouthful! I am OBSESSED with this face wash. Use it. Own it. Live by it. Tattoo it on your arm.


Chinese Food: Huh?! What the hell am I talking about??! Here’s the deal. I have a sulfite and a preservative allergy. I really started to look at how food impacted my health and my FACE and found that whenever I ate something that had SOY SAUCE, I would break out in HUGE masses.

I’m not talking about little pimples. I’m talking about internal inflammations. My skin was telling me that my body did not like the preservatives that were found in Chinese Food and so I had to really push back on all things MSG and SOY SAUCE and delicious. NYC is pizza and Chinese Food and bagels.

That’s all I am made up of. I’m missing a piece of my soul, but obviously, I’ve made a huge positive impact on my life by removing this from my list.

Benihana is literally my favorite restaurant in the world. No joke. When I eat there, I get hives and large masses on my NECK and face. The very next day, I look like a 15-year-old teenage boy.

It is what it is. So… while I do occasionally treat myself to hibachi when I am in the ULTIMATE mood, I avoid it when I know I have a television segment lined up. It’s just not worth it in the end.


What’s In Your Pillow? This is a good one! Your pillow. You don’t think much about it, right? Well, I thought a lot about my pillow over the last few months. In fact, I bought a good 4 or 5 pillows since January because I noticed that I was having an allergic reaction to some of them.

I particularly was allergic to the infomercial KING – My Pillow. Have you seen these commercials? The most comfortable pillow on the planet. The one that will beat all. The one that will put you right into REM. I caved and bought TWO because I need a good night’s sleep more than anyone really knows.

Well, after a few days of hives, I realized that I was deathly allergic to whatever was inside those pillows. I’m just so sensitive. I always have to be aware of what is touching my face.

And even though I invested $100 in those suckers… I had to give them to my kids because they aren’t as sensitive as me. Now, they are having the best sleep of their lives and I am doing alright with my Target version. Pimple and hive free of course. 😉 I’ll take it!


Reading labels: Are there too many preservatives? How natural is the product? Can I pronounce everything I am eating? When stuff sounds too crazy… it makes me BREAK OUT.

I don’t eat completely organic. I’m not part of that choir. But I do try my best to stay away from boxed goods when I can.

This is a lesson learned. This is my body. This might not be your body, but my point is to start looking out for your own personal signs. Once I started actually focusing on my body’s triggers and removing them, my face cleared up. It was that simple.


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I have one more tips that I think is probably my number one — DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE. EVER. I teach my kids not to do it either.

This will also help you avoid getting sick so much. Stay away from your face. Your face does not need your hands all over it. Let her be. 😉

Those are my tips. I hope there are some takeaways for you here! Every step is completely manageable. Good luck on this journey friend and let me know how you do!!

beat adult acne

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