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Clarol Nordic Birch & Willow Primer Promises To Combat Adult Acne In Just Two Weeks

As someone who suffers from adult acne, I always love to read up on new beauty products that promise big results. Today, news about Clarol Nordic Birch & Willow Primer released and the proof is in the clear skin… I mean pudding.


The primer is actually something that is sold out of the UK and is created specifically for acne-prone skin. As a mother of teens, I am currently dealing with teenage acne as well as my own personal skincare issues. So, it’s a double whammy at home. That’s why I ALWAYS love to read about new beauty products that promise a cleansing bang.

Clarol Nordic Birch & Willow Primer Promises To Combat Adult Acne In Just Two Weeks

What is Clarol Nordic Birch & Willow Primer: A bioactive mattifying primer for acne-prone skin. It contains two Nordic tree bark extracts to combat oiliness, promote healthy skin microbiota, and create an instantly mattified and smoother skin tone.

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Overall this primer aims to treat inflammation and infections of the skin. If you have problematic skin, then you know it isn’t about a random pimple that pops up here and there. This issue repeats itself throughout your life continuously and never lets up.

There are phases when adult acne sufferers have “good moments” and then there are months where we just don’t want to leave the house – aka “pizza face” moments. That’s why when I read about possible breakthroughs – I have to share!

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How To Apply Clarol Nordic Birch & Willow Mattifying Primer

Applying toner is easier than you think. You include this step after exfoliating and washing with soap.

This product is part of a full line of Claror treatment products. Other products that are included are: Silver Serum and Sebopure.

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Is Face Primer Necessary?

So, why should you use face primer? My standard answer is that it’s not truly necessary until you are a bit older. I found that when I was younger, my makeup was able to stay on for a full day without an issue.

However, as I aged, it became harder and harder for me to keep a full face of makeup. I would leave my house with my routine fully in place and then it would all be gone by lunch! WHY?

Our skin changes as we age. It just cannot hold onto what it used to when we were younger. WAH! So, now we have to help out when we can. Primer does just that – puts a thin base on our face that acts as a means to capture the makeup with apply to our skin. It also fills in fine lines and smooths out uneven skin texture. I’m giving it to you straight.

Some people even use tinted primer as their day-to-day makeup when they want to go for a really light and airy look. Primer has come a LONG WAY and you should really consider adding it to your routine.

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When Will I See Results?

According to a recent article posted on the Daily Mail, one customer said that it took about 2 weeks to see definitive results. After daily usage, she saw an overall transformation of her skin and has been able to maintain it which is always KEY!

We all know that the quick fixes are great, but longevity is key when it pertains to adult acne. We are looking for results – real results.

‘It took down the underlying red inflammation in my skin and made the texture of my skin much smoother and calmer. I could wear makeup over the top of it and it didn’t trigger breakouts like makeup can do.’

‘If I had the treatment primer on, my skin would feel calmer and not react to my makeup at all.’

Daily Mail

Adult Acne Products That Work

Like I said, I am someone who has tried countless adult acne products over my lifetime and always have my ears open for new launches that promise big results. If you are like me and willing to give ANYTHING a chance, consider heading over to CLAROL and checking out their full acne line.


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