5 Reasons You Suffer From Acne


I’ve made it no secret that I have problem skin. And I KNOW what to do to stay on top of it all.  But sometimes life happens and I slip up. In general – here are the five main reasons I suffer from acne. Perhaps you are guilty of a few of these too? Let this post serve as a reminder for you:

You don’t drink enough water: I am a tea drinker – and for the majority of the day that tea is filled with caffeine! Not GOOD for your skin. A friend of mine gave me a great tip the other day. She said whenever I remember…. just gulp down a glass of water. Not to pretend that I want to drink it – just to DRINK IT. SO SMART! I’ve been doing it and I’ve been getting in a good 24 ounces of water a day on top of all my tea. It’s been helping big time!

You don’t wash your hair enough: Sorry! I do this too. I don’t like to wash my hair everyday. Especially now that there are all these awesome dry shampoos on the market. I wash my hair about twice a week (three times if I have something to do). Otherwise, I just take a body shower. I’m sure most women will agree. However, if you do this – you have to be careful about your pillowcase. You need to change it more frequently!

You don’t have a routine: Do yourself a favor. Find a brand that you like and buy the entire line – start to finish. Soap, toner, moisturizer and some sort of night cream. If you can – consider getting a mask as well. And actually use it. My face breaks out the most when I step away from my routine. When I get into the groove – my skin looks great.

You don’t take your makeup off at night: Guilty as charged! Maybe I just put a little powder on that day and I think to myself – I can cheat tonight. Well, you can’t. You have to wash the day off – every. single. day.

You haven’t found the right brand of makeup: I can’t use just any foundation. If I do, I practically have an allergic reaction. I have SUPER sensitive skin. All coverup is not created equal! This is all about trial and error. So, play around and see which brand works best for your personal skin. And no, it doesn’t matter what your friends use.


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