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When You Forget It’s School Picture Day

My children go to different schools – all three of them. That means three different dates for pretty much everything – including picture day. For the middle school, we were alerted of dates and times and we logged them into our calendar.

 For the primary school, we completely forgot about the whole thing which resulted in poor Liam going to school wearing regular clothes. Meanwhile, everyone else was dressed to impress.

If I had permission from his entire class, I would show you how ridiculous he looks standing beside all his friends looking completely OUT OF PLACE. One Vineyard Vines button down after the next… and then “Take Your Shot.” OH MY GAWD.

The teacher tried to place him in the back row to hide all that she could, but you could still see this neon shirt through the crowd. lol

At first, I was mortified. Then I was determined to find out when the retake was occurring so I could fix my mistake. But in the end, I bought the above picture. I mean, this is Liam – as he is on a regular basis.

Sports clothing and all. While selecting my final shots, I swapped out the background to make it look like we intentionally went with causal. LOL! I found a football field, people!! What luck!!

Ironically enough, Natalie doesn’t have a class picture because the middle school isn’t structured like that. She just gets an individual. Of course. The kid that would have fit into a class shot doesn’t get one. 🙂

I would show you Caleb’s photo, but it’s on a CD and my computer doesn’t have a place to insert one in. We have to find an older computer to access his files. YEAH. I am on top of it, people.

You know what? It all works. Whatever you do while parenting works. I think we are the ones that are making this entire journey so hard. Would my mother ever have let me go back and reshoot a picture day photo?

I’m not even sure there were RETAKE DAYS in the 80s???? Trying to remember if I ever reshot an image and I am blanking.

Regardless, these photos do what they are supposed to — they capture an essence of the year. Here are my two kids in 2017. The photos are perfect. The memories will last a lifetime.

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