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Caleb Turned 6 And We Can’t Stop Celebrating His Birthday

It’s official – my youngest son just turned 6 years old and we all cannot believe it. I remember being in the hospital with him fighting with the staff who didn’t believe I was in labor. Spoiler alert – I was 5cmm when I walked in.

Today, we have a ball of energy who cannot sit still. Caleb has truly changed our lives for the better. Bill and I would have much simpler lives if we just had two kids. Two TWEENS.

Everything would be easier and that’s the truth. But because Caleb is in the mix, we are still young. I can’t explain it.

He’s hooked us into car boosters and playdate appointments and soccer tots and Thanksgiving plays and class trips…. our calendars are filled with so much crazy. And we are so blessed for it.

I am not ready for the silence. I look at our lives and see how much our three kids pull us all around town and I thank God for it because I know in ten years it will all end.

Give me the class Easter supply list and the “allergy product avoid” list and the after-school schedules.  I will take them all with open arms.

I see my little boy for the gift that he is. He is LIFE. He is HAPPINESS. He is JOY. He is EVERYTHING.

And now, Caleb is 6. My goodness. Time is flying. We celebrated this weekend with our typical traditions. We really don’t sway from our favorites. Creatures of HABITS! lol

First up, we headed to Benihana for an early lunch. We let the kids order those (aff link)  Japanese sodas. Have you ever had them? They are super fun. Ramune? THEY LOVE THEM!!!!

There aren’t a lot of places where we can pick those up and Benihana is one of the places that you can. So, they each chose a flavor and went to town.

Natalie is still on her vegetarian kick, so this is also a really great place for her. She opted for California rolls, edamame, some side rice and veggies. Total score.

Then we hopped right over to Dave and Busters for some FULL BLOWN arcade action. Again, we do this EVERY YEAR. We get two cards and play until there isn’t a point left on each.

The birthday child gets the biggest prize in the store and the rest of the points gets split out amongst the other two children. It’s fair. It works out by the end of the year because we go three times and every child gets a big toy at least once.

Just in case you are wondering, I also play because there is NO WAY that I would go to a place like this and NOT play. LOL!

Then Caleb had his birthday party on Sunday!! So much FUN! Bill wasn’t feeling his best, so sadly, he didn’t attenButBUt look at what Natalie is doing!

She Facetimed her father during the cake and while we sang Happy Birthday to Caleb. So, to some degree, Bill was there in spirit. 🙂 We even tried to get him in the family photo. LOL

The party didn’t stop there. We met up with Bill’s parents and had a little celebration with them for Caleb. His mother made baked ziti and got this amazing tri-colored cookie cake. OMG! WHAT? It was insane.

And then my mother came over for some fun. We took Caleb out bowling. It’s February – Caleb’s birthday month!!! WOOT. I’m sure we aren’t even done yet. Actually, I hope we are because I can’t eat another piece of dessert. LOL

Anyway, my boy turned another year older and we are so lucky for it. We had a wonderful time celebrating with him and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for him.


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