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My Last Child Has Kindergarten Orientation Today And I’m Not OK

baby boy

Today, I cried a bit this morning. And if I am being really honest with you… I can’t stop. I wrote a post on Instagram (that I cannot read without sobbing –  along with all the commenters) talking about the fact that Caleb is scheduled to have his assessment for Kindergarten this morning and how I am basically not ready for any of it. The school will take him into a room and ask him a few questions on his own. I’m assuming they will try to figure out how many sight words he knows etc.

I remember waiting patiently with my husband in the hallway for both Natalie and Liam to return when they had their assessments. I can almost still feel the butterflies in my belly. It’s all silly because it’s not like it’s Harvard. They are going to accept him no matter what. I have a feeling today is more about flagging any unexpected issues. At least, that’s what I am assuming this is about????

Either way – it’s just one step closer to full-time school which means that I am one step closer to losing my baby. There… I said it!

I’m not having any more children. I’m just NOT. He is my last. He knows it. The prince of the kingdom.  And to THINK that he is going to age UP at one point in my life is … unfathomable. I don’t even want to write it. Caleb cannot grow up. He just can’t. I want to press pause on my family life right now. Natalie (12), Liam (10), Caleb (5).

Does anyone know of a vampire for hire? Because I am willing to pay!

He’s wearing glasses now which already makes him look like a professor. Those lenses completely changed his looked and took away all the “baby” out of his face. I seriously don’t think I can handle another shift so soon.

Big boy status on the rise… ugh.

I need a minute. Maybe a day. Perhaps I will even take the weekend. I’m not so sure. One thing is certain. I’m going to build a fort and play LEGOs and watch some sort of animated flick tonight with this little pumpkin because before I blink he will be in college talking on the phone with a girl. A GIRL, people!!!! UGH

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