Eyebrow Stamps Beauty Review: Do They Work?! #BuyByeReviews

My daughter and I reviewed waterproof eyebrow stamps and we had mixed results in the end. One of us thought this beauty product was an absolute buy while the other gave it a hard pass. I’ve always been curious about waterproof eyebrow stamps and I’m not alone. When I asked my Facebook friends what they wanted to see us test, this product got the most requests.

Have you tried waterproof eyebrow stamps? Do you use them on a regular basis? If you are curious to see what the outcome looks like, check out our latest video. Always a ton of laughs. Natalie and I are truly enjoying this journey.

If you’d like to check out these waterproof eyebrow stamps for yourself, click here. The kit I purchased was just $10.99.

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Eyebrow Stamp Beauty Test

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