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Adorable Father’s Day Printable For Kids – All About Dad

This free Father’s Day printable is a fill in the blank freebie that your kids can use to express their love and appreciation for their dad on his big day. A true gift from the heart! If you are looking for a free DIY Father’s Day gift that will remain a keepsake for year’s to come – you’ve found it.

This All About Dad printable allows your children to get creative and write genuine answers about their father without anyone’s help. The answers just might surprise you!

Father’s Day printable

Adorable Father’s Day Printable For Kids – All About Dad

When children are in school, they typically receive these fun holiday handouts and I always love opening them up and reading the candid answers. Earlier this year, my son filled out a Mother’s Day Printable as well and I just loved reading his special little answer.

Happy Father's Day printable

That’s why I thought it was important to recreate this idea for DAD! Dad deserves a Happy Father’s Day printable as well! And the kids are going to fill out these “get to know me”answers for him in June! But I wanted to share his free download with YOU in case you were looking for something like this to include in your gift to dad.

If you think about it, printable Father’s Day cards are really important because they act as a timestamp for the year. They help dads remember a child’s favorite foods and hobbies.

	printable fathers day cards

Father’s Day Worksheet For Kids

Do you have a spouse who would like to receive this gift idea? I bet you do! Download this free Father’s Day printable and have your children answer the following questions:

  • My dad is __ years old.
  • My dad likes to wear ____.
  • We like to _____.
  • He likes to eat ____.
  • He likes to drink ____.
  • He always tells me to _____.
  • I love my dad because _____.
  • My dad laughs when ______.

Print Your Father’s Day Download Here

Click here to print your personalized Father’s Day handout. Make sure that your printer is set to color because this download is filled with spring designs!

father's day card free template


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