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Escape Room Tips – How To Beat Escape The Room!

These Escape Room tips have helped me beat countless Escape Games with friends while out on the weekend. Whether you are looking for  strategies, spoilers, cheat codes, or an overall review, this post is walk you through everything you need to know about this fun thinking game. 

Escape Room Tips

Tips For Escape Room

I am OBSESSED with finding discount codes on Groupon, grabbing a few friends and trying them ALL out. It’s all about how to beat Escape The Room.

Luckily, my tribe is also into Escape Rooms because every single time I send an email out… they are ALL IN. It’s never, “again.” It’s more like, “when and WHERE!”  

So, in case you’ve never done an Escape Room before and you are a bit nervous about your first time, I want to give you a few tips. I’m not an EXPERT. I’m not sure you can actually become an Escape Games expert??

But I do sort of GET what they are doing with the setup. I understand the logic and I want to share some Escape Room Tips with you by providing a few examples of the kind of puzzles you can expect should you ever dive in and grab yourself a ticket to ride.

Escape Room Tips: Easy Ways To Beat The Escape Games!

Escape Room Tips

How Do Escape Rooms Work?

This is an easy question to answer. Every room has to be unveiled in the same order to get to the end. One lock unlocks a code that will reveal the answer to the next lock. You can ask how many codes need to be broken before you enter a room.

They usually tell you. Whether it’s 6 or 8 or 12 doesn’t really matter though. It’s all about the level of difficulty! Don’t get excited if you hear you only have 4 locks to unlock because that probably means they are SUPER HARD to figure out!!

When you enter the room, you will see the very first clue that you need to decipher. Your team must break that code before trying to get through the rest of the Escape Room.

The first clue is usually pretty hard to figure out. At least, that’s been in my experience. I think it’s also because you are just getting warmed up and into mode of the Escape Game.

You aren’t fully INTO it YET the second you walk in. Once that first lock is open though, your mind explodes and something else takes over.

What If We Are Stuck And Need An Escape Room Tip?

There are different rules for different Escape Rooms. Some places won’t give you any Escape Room tips and Escape Room cheat codes until 20 minutes have passed which I HATE because you feel so STRESSED OUT if you can’t crack that first clue.

By the way, Escape Room cheat codes are when you press a button and ask someone on the outside for the LITERAL ANSWER or a REALLY STRONG clue to get the game moving. They are watching you and can see just how long you’ve been stuck on something and if you don’t ask, they might call in and offer a tip to help out as well. They want you to have fun and not just STAND THERE.

You only have an hour to do the room. Period! Other establishments only allow you three clues – and you just have to use them wisely. And then… I’ve been to some that give you as many as you need. So, they all vary. It doesn’t matter.

Don’t worry about this part. What matters the most is who you go with. Do not force people to go with you. That should be your top Escape Room strategy.

It’s better to pick an OK friend who wants to win than pick a best friend who hates this sort of game. You want people who love Escape Games and logic.

FYI: No Selfies At Any Escape Games

You can’t bring anything in once you enter the game. They don’t want you to take pictures of any of the clues. So, don’t get excited thinking you’ll sneak in any selfies.

They might even have a video feed going – so be careful.  Your bags will be stored away in a locker. To be safe, I always just bring my phone and leave my bag at home when I do any Escape Games.

I have trust issues. I don’t trust a damn person on this planet. I’m not giving anyone my bag. Yeah…  it’s like that.

escape room strategy

Tricks To Mastering The Escape Games – Tips For Escape Rooms

Ok, here we go – some master level Escape Room strategy coming your way!!! Everything is a tip. Literally. Even the name of the room can be a tip for you to use at some point.

For example, when I unlocked a box, I found a bag of Scrabble pieces and we were so STUCK on this and then I thought about it and spelled the word PLAY because that was the name of the room.

Each Scrabble piece letter has a number associated with it because you get points when you put letters down on the board, right? Well, those numbers were used to unlock a lock in the room. It worked! Everything is part of the game. Everything!

escape room tips

What to Expect – How To Beat Escape The Room

Let’s talk a little bit about Escape Room strategies because when it is all said and done strategies are the only thing that will get you out of there alive! 

There will be sayings on the wall – and you have to look at the colors of the letters and the way that those sayings are displayed.

You will never have to climb anything or take anything off the walls. Every Escape Room will tell you this, but it’s good to know anyway.

You will have to look under things –  vases, plants, tablecloths, and actual tables.

You will have to lift things like tablecloths.

There will be puzzles to put together and logic puzzles that involve numbers and letters. I am the WORST at these and never ever participate in them. I actually can’t even really describe them well. A=1, B=4 etc.

And then they give you a math puzzle and you have to figure out the word which then turns into a number. I’m always like, “WHAT??? Someone else GET OVER HERE.” That is not for me!!

You will have to find sticks to place into holes.

You will have to open up locks to find keys to find more locks to unlock.

And literally… just when you think you are done and you open the door to escape… you will find yourself in a second room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has happened to me 3 different times and I am always shocked!

Not all Escape Rooms are just one room. They can be two or three rooms. Those are always more fun if I am being honest with you.

I Can’t Be Locked Inside A Room!

Escape Games don’t want to institutionalize you! It’s all not real. You actually aren’t LOCKED in the Escape Rooms. It’s all a joke.

The door is open. The rule is that if anyone opens the door then your team forfeits the game. So, if someone freaks out for whatever reason, you just have to call out and have someone get them.

You can’t have them walk out on their own or the game is over. You are NEVER LOCKED. The final key in never to open a door. It’s always to open a safe or something. Don’t freak about this.

How do I get better at escape the room?

The main rule when it comes to the Escape Room is to work together and stay as one team. If you don’t know how to do something, then let someone else take the lead.

If you find something – let everyone know. Don’t be afraid to get vocal. And always work with what you have! Everyone is always so eager to be the first to find something fresh, but a great Escape Room TIP is to just check out what is going on right in front of you.

Once you are done with clues – move on. You will never use something twice. If someone is just terrible at the game, hand them the flashlight and call it a day.

Escape room scary

Do you tip escape room?

A lot of people have asked whether you should tip escape room attendees. It’s not typical to do this. If you feel like you really want to though, go ahead!

What should I wear to the escape room?

The number one room about what to wear in an escape room revolves around comfort. Will you be comfortable crawling around on the floor? Kneeling in front of a statue? Using a flashlight to make your way through the darkness? This is what it’s all about.

If you can do it in heels – more power to you. But if you are asking me, wear comfortable shoes and casual clothing.

Are escape rooms hard?

Escape rooms are made to be challenging, but if you are in the right frame of mind – anything is possible. I will say that each room has a LEVEL designated. Ask ahead!

If you only want to work on something simple, then request the easy room. If you are up for the challenge, reserve the room that nobody can beat.

Are escape rooms scary?

Listen, sis… I LOVE escape rooms and my best friend is terrified of them. This is a hard question. Are escape rooms scary? That is really up to you.

I’ve done some in complete darkness and had the time of my life. How does that sound to you? Fun or scary? I can’t answer this. You will be locked in a room and sometimes the lights will be off. Sometimes people will come out and jump scare you. Sometimes you will have to crawl through things. I’ve done ALL THESE THINGS.

Other times, you are literally just putting puzzle pieces together. It’s all about what you PICK. So, do yourself a favor and read up.

Are escape rooms safe?

Overall, escape rooms are super safe activities. Like almost anything in the universe, it’s the way humans interact with things that result in danger. An escape room is just a room.

Is someone in your party going to rip furniture down and throw it on the floor because they think a tip is behind an armoire? Sounds pretty dangerous.

But if you are with a group of people that follow rules, you should be fine. Here’s a great Escape Room tip – choose good people.

escape room safe

How long do escape rooms take?

You will find that almost every adventure is about an hour. Every now and then I come across a 45-minute room, but that is 4% of the time.

9 times out of 10 you will have one full hour to get OUT.

Ready To Use These Escape Room Tips?

Have you done an Escape Room yet? Escape Games are the BEST! Like I said, there are a TON of Escape Rooms available on Groupon, so don’t buy one full price. What’s the point?!

Enjoy one and let me know how it goes. If you have any Escape Room tips that you’d like to share from one of your Escape Games adventures, leave it in the comments below. And if you know how to beat the escape room, leave them in the comments. Would love to hear!

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