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    How To Throw An Escape Room Party For The Kids

    Escape rooms are THE big thing to do for birthday parties these days, especially for tweens and teens. Kids love the excitement of racing against the clock to solve puzzles and riddles to find out if they have what it takes to escape the room. However, taking a slew of friends to an Escape Room can add up fast, plus you’re limited to a certain number of people in the room. If you’re tight on budget or have loads of people on your guest list, we’ll show you how to throw an escape room party for the kids right at home!How To Throw An Escape Room Party For The Kids

    Choose Your Theme

    You can search online for “escape room themes” to find loads of downloadable ideas on how to throw an escape room party for the kids. Many of these come with printable instructions, clues, and more that you can put together yourself for a completely DIY experience. Alternately, there are several fun escape room games that have everything you need already assembled. Escape Room the Game has four different themes that you can play, up to five players at a time. The Chrono-decoder with a countdown clock helps to add to the atmosphere of the game. Escape the Room has only one theme per game, but has fun suggestions and printable invitations on their website to make your party a more authentic escape room experience.

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    Escape Room Board Games:

    Escape Room Party Theme Suggestions

    1. Egyptian Archeologist – consider using this cipher
    2. Sherlock and Holmes
    3. Nancy Drew to the rescue
    4. Where in the world is Waldo?
    5. End of the World
    6. Crime Scene
    7. Zombie Virus outbreak
    8. The Missing Link

    Pick Up Some Props and Favors

    Fun props will enhance the experience for everyone at your party and also can double as favors. Cheap fedoras, magnifying glasses, pens with notebooks, or items that fit with your theme will be fun to use as the kids are trying to make their escape, plus they can take them home as a memento of the day. You also might want to consider decorating the party room to match the theme of the game. Read through the synopsis of the game and make as immersive an experience as you can. The kids will love feeling as if they are really a part of a big mystery.

    Serve Perfect Treats

    Of course, one of the critical pieces in learning how to throw an escape room party for the kids is deciding on the menu. Food makes any event and this is no exception. Take a long look at the theme and figure out what the characters might have eaten in that time frame or locale to decide on your main course or heavier snack. For a birthday party, consider decorating the cake with a giant fingerprint or maybe a Sherlock Holmes face. And don’t forget some snacks for your guests to munch on as they figure out how they’re going to get out of that room. All that puzzle solving will work up an appetite, for sure!

    Enjoy Your Escape Room Party For Kids

    Once you figure out how to throw an escape room party for kids, you will be the coolest parent on the block! Your kids will have the party of a lifetime and create memories with their friends that will stick around for years to come! Be sure to read all about our Escape Room tips and tricks before you set your kids off on their wild hunt. Maybe even print out a little cheat sheet for them to read before setting them off on their adventure.

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