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St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas – DIY Printed Favor Bags

Are you feeling lucky? If you are hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party this year, your guests are sure to feel lucky with these easily printed favor bags. Fill them with coins and chocolate rocks, or fun party favors such as photo props, shamrock necklaces, bubbles, and balloons.

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

The kids always get a kick out of holiday inspired DIY adventures and this season is no different. Hopefully, these St. Patrick’s Day party ideas will give you just the right amount of inspiration you need to jumpstart your next get together.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas – DIY Printed Favor Bags

Did you know that you can run paper bags through your home printer? Your party favor bags will never be the same once you learn how to do this. You can customize them in so many different ways – whether it’s with images, words, or quotes.

Just be sure to fill them up with St. Patrick’s Day party food. We all know that’s the real treat. Anything green or gold will do, right? Let’s get right down to how to do this DIY holiday craft.

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Favor Bags –  What You Need:

  • Paper bags
  • Plain printer paper
  • Tape – I prefer washi tape, but any removable tape will work just fine
  • Printer
  • Pegs
  • Filling for your bags

How To Get Started Making These St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

The first thing you need to do is design what you will print on your bag. I used PicMonkey to create these easy ‘lucky’ bags. Adjust the size of your image to match where you want to place it on the bag and save your file. Open your image in a word document and center it on your page.

Place your bag (flap side down, and opening side up) onto the center of a piece of printer paper. Tape the top, bottom and where the flap is using removable tape. This will ensure your bags runs through the printer as flat as possible.

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas - DIY Printed Favor Bags

Place your paper/bag into the printer. You may need to adjust the printer settings. I set mine to print on brochure/presentation paper because I knew the thickness of the paper was more than just standard printer paper. Click the print button and watch your image come to life on your bag.

Carefully remove the tape from the bag, and continue this same method until you have enough bags for your party.

Once you’ve printed the bags, set the kids to work filling them. They can make separate bags for adults and kids, simply put a different color peg on the top to indicate who the bag is for.

Lucky DIY St. Patrick's Day Party Favor Bags

What do you think about this easy DIY craft? What would you fill your printed favor bags with? I know that it would be so easy for me to say GREEN CANDY, but when I first thought about that concept, my mind went blank! So, I did a bit of research for you and made a list – just to help you get started on your shopping adventure.

Lucky DIY St. Patrick's Day Party Favor Bags

St. Patrick’s Day Party Food Idea

You see where I am going here? You can even consider gold coins into the mix. Or yellow jellybeans that will represent gold in some fun way. It’s all in a festive spirit. We just need a bit of imagination. 🙂

The kids won’t really care, anyway. They will be too busy eating up all the delicious goodies.  Do you have any St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas to share? Would love to hear!


St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas - DIY Printed Favor Bags

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