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Cotton Ball Challenge: Fun Activity For Families

Ok – here’s something really fun for you to do with your kids. It’s called the cotton ball challenge and it’s SUPER EASY! You only need three things:

  • Two bowls
  • A spoon

Easy enough, right? I told you so! Now comes the fun part. The part of the game where you make complete fools of yourselves. But honestly, isn’t that the point of it all? 

Cotton Ball Challenge: Fun Activity For Families

Boom. Watch the video to see how to play. If you are playing with small ones, you might want to use a blindfold as well because the temptation to cheat might be too great. Heck, I almost cheated and I am a grown woman. In fact, I am shocked that I didn’t cheat. 

Audrey and I had a big LAUGH. It’s a great “minute to win it” game for friends as well. If your children invited friends over last minute for a sleepover and things start to get crazy, keep this one in your back pocket. 

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