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Inspired To Cook Again Thanks To David Venable From ITKWD

ITKWD!!! Last week, I had the chance to meet and have dinner with David Venable from QVC. It wasn’t just any ordinary dinner. Oh no! We dined on dishes that came from David’s new cookbook –  Back Around the Table: An “In the Kitchen with David”.


I’m a true fan – through and through. And yes, my mother is too. That’s why the two of us headed to The Kitchen Table in NYC and broke bread with Mr. Venable and crew. He’s been on QVC since 1993, so we had a LOT to chat about!!  

“In the Kitchen with David®”  (ITKWD) is probably my favorite show the network has to offer. Whether I want gourmet foods, cookware, kitchen gadgets or cookbooks, David’s happy dance lets me know when it’s time to call in. LOVE HIM!

Inspired To Cook Again Thanks To David Venable From ITKWD

In case you want to tune in, “In the Kitchen with David” (ITKWD) airs every Wednesday at 8 PM (ET) and Sunday at noon (ET). The Sunday edition of “In the Kitchen with David”  (ITKWD) features “Cookbook Corner,” which includes some of Venable’s favorite cookbooks. 


I hope he will feature his new cookbook soon because the dishes were divine! We enjoyed halibut in parchment paper. Guests are supposed to pop open the bag right on their plate before consuming. The presentation matches the flavor! Amazing.

Here’s a quick video to see what your guests will enjoy if you try this recipe at home. I always enjoy watching people in the kitchen do what they love to do best. Actually, I think it’s because I literally get to eat it all right then and there. LOL!

Imagine being able to sit in the studio every single day and eat all the things that are made while they film ITKWD? I would be so HAPPY ALL THE TIME. Well, I had a small taste during this event. 

Meeting David Veneable

Even the salad I ate – as simple as a salad can be – was out of this world! I ran home and bought pomegranate seeds and candied walnuts as soon as I could. What a step up from my average mix.

I’ve teamed up with QVC in the past, so it was so nice to meet some of the team members in real life. I am so excited to test out some more of the recipes from Venable’s second book, Back Around the Table: An “In the Kitchen with David Cookbook”, with my family. 

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