Shop Justice For Back To School Shopping –

Shop Justice if you are looking for back to school looks! It’s the only place you need to head for your daugters this year. My daughter is all about the bright and the bold, the glitz and the glam, the emojis, and the floral wrap headbands. Where else can you find this all under one roof?!

Justice back to school shopping is always so much fun! Natalie and I spent some time looking for the latest trends and of course, we ran right straight to ShopJustice

Shop Justice For Back To School Shopping –

shop justice

She is heading into middle school in a few weeks and I thought that this year would be the first year that she would have complete control over her look. Natalie is becoming her own person and all I had to do was step back and watch her pick and choose all the items that she wanted to add to her wardrobe. It was so much fun seeing her navigate towards fringe and sparkle. 

What is the store justice?

Formerly known as Limited Too, Inc. and Too, Inc., Shop  Justice is targeted towards the tween girl market.

What age is justice clothes for?

Shop Justice is mostly targeted to the tween age group, but their clothing sizes start at 5T. So, as long as your child fits in 5T you can start to shop in their store.

And guess what, they carry sizes up to 18 and 20! So, once you begin to love the styles, you will have years and years to come of being a fan.

Back To School Shopping At Justice

Back To School Shopping At Justice

The great thing about ShopJustice is they literally have it all! Natalie was able to pick up a few pairs of shoes, new pajamas, several outfits, and some fun accessories.

And yes, there was a huge smile on her face the entire time. If you don’t have a store near you, you could always visit to see their entire line. 

As a mom, I find myself running around like crazy prepping for this time of the year, but truth be told, it’s some of my favorite time spent. Natalie is getting so big – so quickly – and getting to have fun searching for school clothing is just the BEST. 

Justice for girls school clothes

Shop Justice for Girls School Clothes

Here are some cute highlights from our trip to the mall. Naturally, Natalie was eyeing all the accessories. I mean – how could she NOT!? I even wanted those cute water bottles with the gold initials. How fun! 

Yes… we did walk away with the poop emoji pillow. Apparently, it’s one of their hottest accessory sellers. Another great buy? This scented latte pajama set! It really does smell delicious!

She also snagged an emoji backpack and lunchbox (with her initial on it).  And how can we forget our new moto boots! I mean… HER new moto boots. 🙂 These Justice for Girls school clothes are currently available on So, you don’t have to make a trip to the store if you don’t want to – everything is available online for purchase. 

Can you shop justice online in Canada?

Great news for online shoppers in Canada – you can absolutely order clothes and have them delivered to your house! Style Perks earned online at can be redeemed at Canadian stores.

Is there a Justice store for boys?

I have two sons and this is a great question! Sometimes you just want to get everything done in one shopping trip, right! Justice has added boys’ clothing with its Brothers line and you can usually find the entire line at the back of the store.

If I am being honest with you, I always find these pieces on SALE! So, do yourself a favor and do NOT skip out on that back room.

What size does justice carry?

As noted above, sizes start at 5T and go all the way up to 20T! They want to make sure that every tween girl can fit into their clothing line that wants to wear bright unicorns and smiley faces.

Back To School Shopping At Shop Justice

Besides back to school, I have to say, this is SUCH a great place to go for birthday gifts! We have two birthdays coming up next week and I know that I will be heading back to the mall to pick up my presents from Justice.

It’s a tween girl’s dream come true. Journals, school supplies, makeup and hair accessories, water bottles – you name it.

This is a place where you know you are going to get it right. A tween girl’s heaven for sure. Hot pink and ruffled feathers? How can you go wrong? LOL. 

Justice Shopping for girls

Does justice have Black Friday sales?

Yes! Shop Justice has a great Black Friday sale and you don’t even have to go into the store to appreciate it! You can shop it online.

Typically you can get free shipping at when you make a purchase of $75 or more PLUS 50% off the entire store as their early bird special.

Where do tweens shop for clothes?

I am telling you right now – it’s Shop Justice! My daughter and all of her friends LOVE this store. It is the only place I buy gift cards from when it comes to birthdays and holidays. Such an easy solution.

Does justice offer free shipping?

Yes! Shop Justice does offer free shipping! So, take advantage of it whenever you want to shop online.

Our Shop Justice Haul

As far as clothing is concerned, we walked away with several great pieces from Shop Justice including:

It has been my MISSION to get Natalie in a pair of jeans! She actually did it while shopping at Justice. She put them on. I literally almost squealed! No more leggings. No. More. Leggings!!! Yahoo. Head on over to ShopJustice for more information. 


But seriously – real mom to mom question: does your daughter wear jeans freely? It was a real struggle to get my little one to actually wear a pair. It took this store to finally get her to like one. Is it the age??

All in all, Natalie is THRILLED with her back to school picks! I cannot wait to show you how she looks in them on the first day of school. It’s right around the corner. Schedules and routines are in my near future. I can feel it!

Do you have a daughter that’s heading back to school? Are you planning on doing shopping at Shop Justice? Be sure to check out that fab store!

Shop Justice has so many great styles – something for everyone. The dancer. The writer. The sports girl. The fashionista. The tech lover. The girl next door. The Broadway Bound diva. You name it! Shop Justice has it!

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