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31 Things You Should Do Before December 31st

The end of the year is near and if you are like the rest of the world, you are gearing up for the 1st. The 1st means so many things to society.

  • It means a new start.
  • It means a fresh new opportunity to be anything // to know anything // to become anything.
  • It means open promises.
  • It means endless opportunities.


But I don’t want to wait until the 1st. I want you to start something right now. I want you to sit up straight and think about all the wonderful things that could happen in this very moment – not on a predetermined date. Right now. You and me.

Oh, the things we can do together.


31 Things You Should Do Before December 31st

  1. Get a book you’ve been wanting to read. Actually, start reading it.
  2. Carve out time in your schedule – for every single day of the week – where you can work on bettering yourself. Make this a habit.
  3. Start a gratitude journal. You can decide whether you want to write in it once a day, once a week or once a month. But begin to be thankful.
  4. While watching TV, start doing exercises until your regular programming comes back on. It will jump start your need to move. Trust me.
  5. Make a coffee date with a friend.
  6. Call a loved one – parent / grandparent / aunt. Let them hear your voice.
  7. Remember what used to make you laugh as a child.
  8. Write yourself a note to read one year from now. What promises will you make? What promises will you break?
  9. Choose someone to cuddle up with and have a late night movie night binge in your bed. How many can you watch together?
  10. Spend one of these next days doing nothing that has to do with electronics after dinner. I mean nothing.
  11. Consider using a diffuser. It has changed my life. I love the way the scents can entirely change my mood.
  12. Buy a planner.
  13. Start each morning with a daily devotion (I use this book)
  14. Start planning a trip. Where will you go? Who do you want to take with you? Will this be a trip you take alone?
  15. Put together a donation bag filled with clothes that you know you aren’t going to wear anymore.
  16. When someone starts talking to you about their struggle, listen. Don’t jump in with your stories. Don’t wait for a gap in speech so you can have your turn to shine. Just listen. Be a shoulder. Be an ear. Be a friend.
  17. Start reading up on politics. Stop believing social media headlines. Read sites that focus on both sides. Do not just read from columns from your particular party. You will never see the full picture that way.
  18. Stay open to experiences.
  19. Write down what you eat for an entire day – start eating mindfully.
  20. Get a manicure / pedicure / hair cut – whatever you’d like. But treat yourself to some pampering.
  21. Tell yourself in the mirror right now that you are enough.
  22. Look up something that is trend-ish (like a salt lamp, microbladed eyebrows etc) and have a little fun.
  23. Dance like nobody is watching.
  24. Be honest – about everything – just to yourself.
  25. Try a new workout – literally a new workout.
  26. Get a smoothie for breakfast or an acai bowl. Up to you!
  27. Clean out your junk drawer. AHHH! Yes, I asked you to do that.
  28. Research a local charity that you will continue to align yourself with throughout your life. This will make it very easy for you when the need arises.
  29. Think about the negative forces in your life. Remove them. Not ready to do that yet? Make yourself aware of who they are. Name them. Acknowledge them. See them for who they are. Keep them at arm’s length.
  30. Dream a bigger dream.
  31. Forgive yourself for one thing that you’ve been holding onto.

31 Things To Do Before December

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